Imperial College London: a science-based institution with a reputation for excellence

Imperial College London has been consistently rated among the best universities in the world. The college’s mission is to embody and deliver education and research in science, medicine and business, engineering and world class scholarship in a way that knowledge could be applied to healthcare, commerce and other industries. The school believes in multidisciplinary training and collaborates with other universities.

The establishment intends to remain a leading institution in the world when it comes to scientific research by developing the next generation of researchers who can then address the difficult challenges we are faced with in the world.

Imperial’s main campus is found in Central London. It also has additional campuses in the same area making a total of 525,233 square metres usable property. It implies that it has one of the largest estates in the United Kingdom compared to the other higher education institution. The college is divided into 4 main academic unit which are in turn subdivided into 40 departments, institutes and research center.

There are about 13,500 students attending the college with 3,330 staff members to assist and support them. The college has been known for years as a major center for biomedical research. For years, the university has been consistently ranked among the best, ranked 24th in the world and 5th best university in Europe according to Academic Ranking of World Universities, in 2011. In 2012 it was ranked by QS World University Rankings as 6th best university in the world and 4th in Europe.

Aside that the college has among its Alumni 14 Nobel Prize winners and 2 field medal winners.

If you really want to go into research, the Imperial College is probably the establishment you want to attend. Between the year 2010 and 2011 Imperial received the second highest total income for research grants and contracts compared to the other British universities. That made a total of £299 million.

The college had a Research assessment in December 2001 and out of that 75% of the staff had a 5 star rating. That is the highest percentage compared to any other University in the United Kingdom.

Aside from providing the necessary tools to enable the students to study, the college also has sports facilities. Students can enjoy the 4 gyms, the 2 sports hall and swimming pool. Aside sports facilities there are music practice rooms, a total of 6. The music rooms contains upright piano that can be played by people of any grade.

There are student bars also available at the South Kensington campus

When it comes to housing, all first year students are guaranteed to get a room. There are about 3000 rooms available from the 20 halls of residence the College manages. Most of the rooms come with internet access which is connected to the imperial network. Basic furniture with bathroom, beds and kitchen are provided. Most of the rooms offer either single or twin accommodation but one can find some rooms offering en suite facilities.

In most cases older students will have to look for private accommodation for themselves. Even that the university is willing to assist in the process.

Imperial College London is definitely the kind of school that can be recommended to a friend.

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