Stanford University: the world’s leading research institution

The University of Stanford opened its door to the public in 1891 with the vision of promoting public welfare by influencing on behalf of humanity and civilization. Over 100 years later, the university has not changed its vision and continues to dedicate itself to finding solutions to the current challenges of the world and preparing students to take leadership positions in today’s complex environment.

When it comes to academics, Stanford has a lot to offer. There are not many universities that have 7 schools all found on one same campus. For those looking to get an undergraduate degree, the schools of Engineering, Earth Science and Humanities are best suited for them. Graduate Schools are also available for those who want to pursue law, medicine or business.
With all the schools found in one place, the students have the freedom to move around the different departments available and discover for themselves other subjects for which they can develop a passion. The learning process takes place in an environment where students can collaborate intimately and that is because, in most cases, each class has less than 20 students at a time.

Any student trained at the University of Stanford stands out based on its academic excellence. The university does not look at the financial status of a student before giving him a chance to get admitted. That is what has allowed demographic, cultural and economic diversity on the campus. All the 50 states of the U.S. are represented in the institution. Once a student is admitted, he is surprised to realized how his ability to explore new challenges are only limited by his own desires.

The residential area of the campus is thriving with different communities. It has been referred to as the farm and that is due to the fact that back in time it was indeed a farm where the founders Jane and Leland Stanford used to grow their horses. It is a 8 000 acres made of foothills and plains.

The life of the students on campus is an intimate combination of the learning experience and the interaction with other communities. Extra-curricular programs are available like athletic activities and forums for students to take part in. There are over 11 000 students living on campus. What is noticeable about that campus is not just the extraordinary resources it offers but also the Bay Area where students can entertain themselves with many outdoor attractions of different cultural backgrounds.

When it also comes to research, the Stanford University is the place to be. If anything, this institution is noted for, that will definitely be its openness to multidisciplinary research. Research is not limited within the school and departments, it is allowed to be extended to laboratories and other institutes.
There are several independent labs and research centers from which students across the university can benefit from.

The research students are free to search for information through the 20 different libraries that the institution offers. Those libraries put together offer about 8 million volumes to read from. And that is aside the 34 thousand online journals that the students have access to.

Stanford University is located in between San Francisco and San Jose, that is in the heart of Silicon Valley. It is one of the best universities you should apply to if you want to further your studies.

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