The university of Hong Kong a research led institution

The university of Hong Kong was established in 1911 and that makes it the oldest institution of higher education in the region. For the past 100 years, the institutions has spent its resources making sure that knowledge is disseminated, educating its students and serving the region’s needs. The university has evolved with Hong Kong and generations of graduates that came out of it played a key role in shaping the city.

Today HKU has raised itself to international recognition as a comprehensive university where important research takes place.

At HKU the focus is to make sure that students engage themselves. The staff at the university plays a significant role in guiding and mentoring the students while at the same time supporting the researchers in their progress. Through cooperation and collaboration, HKU works with the communities around to share their expertise and experience in order to bring about an improvement in their lives.

Vision and Mission
Being a leading international institution in Asia that offers higher education, the university of Hong Kong, focuses on creating an environment that is going to attract outstanding scholars from different parts of the world by offering them excellence and innovation that allows for learning, research and exchange of knowledge. This contributes to the development and advancement of the society.

The mission of the school is to build upon its tradition of excellence to advance the bounds of scholarship. The institution wants to produce graduates of distinction who are willing to dedicated their lives to learning and play a key role in leading their respective fields. That is possible by providing a workplace environment that is safe, sustainable and healthy.

The university of Hong Kong established its libraries in 1912. With its 2.3 million holdings it is the oldest academic library in Hong Kong. In addition to that there is a web-based library catalogue allowing students to search for journals and other resources.

The library has 6 divisions specialized in key areas like medicine. law, music and education.

The university’s research policy is directly influenced by its corporate body which aims to strengthen the school’s research capacity within an environment that strives for excellence.

HKU wants to be and remain the best research institution in Asia. For that matter its Research committee has put down Important strategies. It wants to invest in curiosity driven and “blue sky” research, support next generation students willing to venture into research, encourage students to share the knowledge with the communities around and enhance collaboration between the Mainland and the international communities.

Finance and Funding
A good portion of the university’s income is used to support teaching and research. Being a publicly funded university, most of its income is supplied by the Hong Kong SAR Government making about 60% of the recurrent income while the balance is covered by the combination of tuition fees and grants.

The university has always made use of the government funding to provide better facilities that will enable research. With respect to that an important initiative was established in 1995 and that is the creation of the HKU Foundation for Educational Development and Research.

The university of Hong Kong, welcomes any students that is willing to pursue a career path in research.

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