University of Oxford: the oldest English-speaking facility in the world

If you are looking for a leader in learning, research and teaching, the university of Oxford is what you should head to. This is the first university that was created in the United Kingdom more than 900 years ago and according to the current Chancellor, their aim is to keep their lead in areas like research and teaching.

The admiration students have for this prestigious university continues to grow and the latest statistics are saying that about a third of the student population comes from outside the United Kingdom. In fact there are over 140 different nationalities represented in the institution, the total population been about 20 thousand.

The special character of the university has nothing to do with its age. It is rather its distinctive college and tutorial system that makes sure that the students receives close academic supervision and all the support they need to be successful in their study. It is not by accident that Oxford is the leader in many different fields. The university encourages students to develop an interdisciplinary approach in their study and that has led it to outstanding research achievements. This is the method suited to enable the students to face up the complex challenges that they are dealing with in this 21st century.

Studying at Oxford
Oxford is willing to take in any talented student that is willing to further his studies in the field of Medical Sciences, Mathematics, Physics and many others. Oxford teaching and research is consistently at the forefront of scientific, technological and medical achievement. Students studying in the institution are given access to world-famous libraries, museums and laboratories.

At Oxford a student may have the opportunity to study alongside leading researchers in the respective field they are studying.

As a student who wants to study at Oxford University you are free to choose any course you want but at the same time you are given the freedom to spread your interest into other fields. The tutorial system is a unique learning experience that the establishment has to offer. The system allows each student to have a college tutor with whom they can meet on regular basis to exchange knowledge.

Why you should choose Oxford University
Having a degree coming from Oxford will open a lot of opportunities for you. Oxford has the highest proportion of students with excellent grades in the UK. The institution’s distinctive teaching system allows the student to develop the analytical thinking skill and sound judgement ability that employers are looking for.

A higher percentage of graduate coming out of Oxford University land on professional jobs in comparison to graduates coming from other establishments.

The training that students go through with Oxford University gives them the confidence they need when applying for jobs and going for interviews.

More importantly the institution has a dedicated career service to assist students. There, the students will find advisers to assist them in their career search. Even after graduation the students become part of the Alumni community and there is an Office in the University that is still in communication with them to inform about new opportunities if any.

Oxford University is the school you want to attend if you are looking for a degree that is recognized all over the world.

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