The university of Texas: one of the largest institution in the US

The university of Texas based in Austin is one of the largest public institutions in the U.S.. The establishment was started in 1883. At the time it only had 8 teachers giving lecturers in a single building with 221 students. There were only 2 departments available in that building. Today UT has grown into a 350 acres main campus that can take up to 50,000 students. There are now about 24,000 staff spread in 17 colleges and schools.

Aside the main campus there are satellite campuses and research centers spread across Texas. Among other centers being part of the university, there is the the McDonald Observatory, the J.J. Pickle Research Campus, the Marine Science Institute and the the Montopolis Research Center .

Every year, UT enrolls about 11,000 students in its graduate school programs and more than 3,500 get out of it with a masters or a doctorate degree. That makes the school one of the largest in the nation and a leader with respect to the number of graduate degrees awarded. Undergraduate students can choose between more than 8,700 degree programs offered in more than 170 fields of study.

The student population on campus is one of the most diverse in the United States and when it comes to the number of degrees awarded to undergraduate minority students, UT Austin is the leader.

The university of Texas connects its values and mission to improve the life of the state and the nation. The institution makes sure to provide its students with the resources needed to get a deeper understanding of the world through a form of education and research that is unmatched by most other public universities.

UT is an enduring symbol representing the spirit of Texas which is “big, ambitious and bold”. The economic and social progress of the state of Texas is driven by UT which is willing to serve the nation as a leading center where knowledge and creativity is impacted in the students.

Academic profile
On the national level, taking all the universities into account, UT Austin is ranked 45th based on U.S. News and World Report. In 2011 is was ranked 13th among public universities. In 2012 the University’s School of Architecture was ranked 2nd within the context of undergraduate programs at the national level.

Students attending the institution can also choose to take any of the 7 honor programs that the university offers.

Faculty and research
When it comes to American universities without medical schools, UT is the second institution to attract more federal research grant after MIT. For the past 7 years, UT Austin has created 46 start-up companies and in 2009, 9 new start-up companies followed up to help the institution commercialize the technology it was able to develop. The license agreement that were made out of it generated about $10.9 million in revenues in 2009.

For those students interested in biology they will never get bored inside the 300 acres of biological field laboratories that is managed by the university. Research in software development has been taken on by the The Center for Agile Technology while the The J.J. Pickle Research Campus focuses on research into supercomputers.

The State of Texas has really benefited from the university which continues to improve on the condition of the people living in there through research and technology.

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