Washington Univeristy in St. Louis

Washington University hopes to disseminate knowledge through discovery and encourage students to research and learn. The establishment creates an environment that support learners who want to explore the world looking for answers that will improve the life of the citizens. The faculty staff does its best to make sure that the lives of the students are enhanced and by extension that affects the greater St. Louis community.

Academics and schools
As a private institution, the Washington University in St. Louis has dedicated its resources into creating a challenging environment for its faculty members and students from 120 different countries. The establishment wants to be a player in creating new knowledge that allows a greater understanding in an ever changing world.

The university offers the best quality academic programs coupled with the required flexibility that allows students to develop themselves without over stretching their brain.

About 6,000 full-time undergraduate students attend this medium size institution with another 6,000 continuing as graduate students. Aside that there are evening classes attended by more than 1,000 students. Students can choose between the 90 programs available divided into 1,900 courses offering a broad spectrum of traditional and interdisciplinary fields.

Washington University approaches research with the goal of turning it into something more productive and effective which can help the advancement of the society. The research activity on campus has a rich history of success and relies on support from many sources combined with a well established partnership between industries and academic colleagues. Faculty members and students work across many different fields in their pursuit of knowledge.

Washington University is one of the few institutions having the capacity to meet the current requirements with regards to energy, health, environment and economic prosperity. The establishment invests in the kind of innovative research that will secure a brighter future for the next generation.

Students at the Washington University see the libraries as their study partners. They are a rich resource for independent scholar and are also available for the different communities around. The libraries strive to expand access to information and make sure that the necessary research tools needed for research are at the disposal of the students.

There is a library homepage on the university’s website where students can always check the hours at which they are open and their locations. It is possible to browse through the library holdings and request new materials. It is even possible to chat live with a library staff and view online books.

Art and Culture
Washington University is not just about science and research. It also offers public arts, professional performances, concerts, writing workshops and exhibitions that give the students the chance to develop their own creative talent and get inspired.

The institution also has along and rich tradition of athletic achievement and that places it among the pioneer in the world of students athletics. WUSTL has been a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) since the mid-1970s and from that time it has never missed any sporting competition. Students are encouraged to combine an excellent educational experience with a successful athletic achievement to properly balance their lives.

WUSTL has grown to be an integral part of the St. Louis region and it is recognized for its welcoming and open community.

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