The easiest method for activating Windows 8

If you are interested in the easiest method of how to activate Windows 8 on your computer we will offer you a complete and simple guide to follow.  We will present you some simple and easy steps for how to activate Windows 8. You shall see that everything is quite simple and as long as you follow the steps you will have no isssues.
Now, let’s take a look at the history of Windows 8. After all, it is the latest and the most desired operated system so far. Windows 8 was released in 2012, a year after it was firstly announced, and three years later after Windows 7 was released. The release of the full version of Windows 8 was soon followed by other pre- versions of it. Today, we can enjoy several versions as Pro or Enterprise, each of these versions having different features that can make the lives of computers’ passionate easier.
How to activate Windows 8 OS
Well, there are two methods that will allow you to activate Windows 8 without a problem. As you probably already figure it out, the first method requires a License key. The second method is a “Double Click” one. Both of these methods allow you to activate this operating system extremely easy. Now, let’s see what the first method requires.
Activating Windows 8 on your computer using a License Key can be done following the next steps. However, you must keep in thought that for this method you need a genuine license key.
1. Go to the right part of your screen (will not matter if it is at the top or at the bottom) with the cursor of your mouse. You will have to dragg items like search, start, settings and so on.
2. Go to the Search icon and type there the next command: “cmd”. This way, you will be able to search the Command Prompt and after it appears make sure that you click on it.
3. When the Command Prompt window will show off, type within it “slui 3” with space within them. Press the tab Enter afterwards.
4. You will now reach Windows Activation panel. Within it you have a box named “Product key”. Within it, you will have to type the license key.
5. After you introduce the key, you will only have to press the “Activation Key” icon in order to activate Windows 8 on your computer.
You should know that you might encounter obstacles while your attempt to activate Windows 8. More than probably, the key is wrong. In this case, you might try to activate it once again and if still does not work you can try the second method, which will be totally presented bellow. Well, good luck with the first method.
Activating Windows 8 on the PC with Activator
This method can be used in the case that the first method is not working. As well as the first method, for this one you will have to follow some steps.
Step 1: You will have to download in your computer a zip file that contains the Activator
Step 2: After you downloaded the file, extract it in an area that is accessible for you. Most people extract it on the Desktop.
Step 3: After you finished extracting the file, open the folder. Within it, you will find the activator. Once you see it, double click on it.
Step 4: Even if your computer is warning you about some issues, just ignore it. You must continue the process, otherwise you will not be able to activate Windows 8 on your PC.
Step 5: After this, in just a few seconds you will see that your operating system will restart.
Step 6: After your computer restarts you will see that Windows 8 was activated on your computer. Enjoy its features!
This method is extremely easy. However, if you want it to be good you must have on your computer .Net Framework 3.5. This will allow you to easily activate Windows 8 on your computer. Also, if you want to make sure that Windows 8 was activated you must press the following tabs: Start and Pause.
As you see, activating Windows 8 on the computer is easy. You don’t need a lot of knowledge and if you follow the steps mentioned above you will be easily able to activate it. Enjoy now your activated Windows 8.


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  1. Ronald Watford says:

    This is a great post, congratulation; the answer alone would have been fine. I did a quick google and could not see anything straight away. Anyway, that is the point of open discussion; if someone is wondering the same thing, they could land on this page and get the answer. This is my research – asking people who know .I have learnt that most users don’t report bugs, they complain on forums. Reporting bugs to Microsoft means either going to a connect site, a user voice site, or creating a support case. Most users do not do any of those, they just complain and say, “Windows sucks, – and this is broken”. To me I have leant that it is indeed a shame, how the general user base will know how to go and get their hands on it if they have to actively go to download and install it? This means that most PC’s sitting with windows 8 on it will stay that way if an update is not pushed via windows update. Great work.