An Easy Method To Download Torrent On Your IPhone Or Android Mobile

Apparently, you are a fan of Torrent. After all, why wouldn’t you be? It is wide known that Torrent can offer a better download speed and a wide range of files to be downloaded for free. Torrent users are extremely pleased by all the features offered by it. If you have an account on torrent, and even without it, you can download lots of movies, music, video games, software and many other files. Everything is easy with Torrent.


Now, do you know that Torrent is also available for iPhones or for all the Android mobiles? The popularity of mobiles and of torrent it is increasing a lot lately, so it would be understandable to do so.

Let’s see how we can download torrent on iPhones or Android Mobiles. So, we are going to start with how to download Torrent on iPhones. For this you would not need any app. There are two methods and both of them are extremely easy to follow.

The first method for how to download Torrent on your iPhone

For the first method the Torrent users must follow 6 steps.

Step 1: You will have to start your browser and afterwards to search on Torrent the file that you want.

Step 2: After you manage to find the wanted file, download its link into your iPhone using the same browser.

Step 3: In a previous article, we talked about Zbigz. Now, you will have to use it again. Start Zbigz from the iPhone’s browser and you will be redirected to the mobile site of it.

Step 4: The torrent link file that you downloaded before you must upload it now on Zbigz. After this, press the Go button.

Step 5: Zbigz will now start to prepare your file, so you can download it normally with Torrent.

Step 6: Wait for the file to be downloaded.

As you see, the steps are clear and easy to follow.

The second method of how to download torrent on your iPhone

The second method requires less steps, but it is not reccomended as it requires jail breaking, and as you probably already know, this is not a legal method from the point of view of Apple’s legal terms.

However, let’s see the steps of this method and afterwards you will decide for yourself which method is more convenient for you.

Step 1: Get your iPhone jailbreaked.

Step 2: Install on it a tweak, which is named iTransmission 2.0.

Step 3: Finish to install this app and then start searching the files that you want to be downloaded with torrent on your iPhone.

As you noticed, with the second method you can follow fewer steps, but I am not sure if it worth the risk.

However, there is one more topic that worth to be discussed in this article, namely how to download torrent files on your Android mobile. So, let’s start.

The steps for downloading Torrent files on the Android Mobiles

As smart phones or Android mobiles are used on a very large- scale, there are many methods on how to download torrent files on them. Also, there are many available apps that can help you make this. As you probably know already you can make a lot of use with  uTorrent, BitTorrent, aTorrent, tTorrent, aDownloader or many other available apps.


Yet, the most popular and used app is BitTorrent, so further we are going to present the steps through which you must go in order to download Torrent files on your Android phone.

Step 1: In the first place, you will have to install on your Android mobile BitTorrent app. This app can be easily found on Google Play Store.

Step 2: Install BitTorrent app.

Step 3: Start the app.

Step 4: Search the torrent file that you want and download its link once you have found it.

Now, you are going to be able to download all the files that you want straight on your Android phone. Also, you should know that the BitTorrent app has an amazing feature. You can set to download the files only when you have Wi- Fi connection. Pretty cool, right?

Now that you know how to easily download Torrent files on your iPhone or Android mobile, you can start enjoying of what you know.

As you saw, it is very easy.


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  1. Ronald Watford says:

    HIGH FIVE never thought of these easy, one-way techniques of getting my desired bit torrents on my android mobiles. All my life I have lived to believe that torrents are computer stuff, and not iPhones, Smartphones or any android mobile devices. Truthfully speaking, you have shone some real light to me.
    Something is bogging my mind here; how does one install the torrents using android mobiles? Please help!
    I was trying to install some apps on my Smartphones but it never worked, perhaps am the one who does not understand how to install. Am more than grateful the post, I can now get my desired torrents anywhere any time. Thank you very much!

  2. Download android apps says:

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