5 Easy steps: Download WhatsApp for PC and Android

If you are a dedicated user of different Androids then you are more than likely extremely familiarized with the app WhatsApp. However, if you are not you should know that this app is frequently used to send free SMS in the world without the need of a signing in or login. The only thing that you must do in order to use this app is to connect yourself at this application and in the fastest time possible it will announce you which of your friends have this app installed. In this way, you will be able to freely communicate with them.
If you want to make use of this app you must follow one single and easy step:
Step 1: Download from the Official Google Play Store the WhatsApp for Android.
Once you downloaded this app you will be able to use it. This is the method that will help you to use this app from your android. However, WhatsApp for PC or Windwows 7 or 8 or even XP can be used only by following a method, or two in this case. You can choose any method you want, any method you think that is simpler for you. The methods which will be presented are easy to follow and all of them have some steps.
The first method involves multiple steps, more than usual. However, with it you will definitely be able to make a lot of use from this app.
Step 1: As a guide, you must use an Android Emulator named Bluestacks
Step 2: You must download afterwards the Bluestacks for Windows & MAC OS
Step 3: After the download of Bluestacks is over, you will have to install it
Step 4: On your screen will appear different instructions; follow them and open the software
Step 5: You must make some use of the search function for WhatsApp or you can simple use Messenger
Step 6: Search the icon of it and click on it
Step 7: Soon enough, on your computer will be downloaded WhatsApp Messenger
Step 8: WhatsApp for PC will also install and you are ready to go
If you don’t want to follow so many steps, there is another method with fewer steps, which are easier to follow, and which does not require an Emulator. This method is indeed, much simpler than the previous one. However, this one involves more time than the other.
Step 1: Surf on the internet and find the entire version of WhatsApp for PC
Step 2: Download WhatsApp for PC in your computer
Step 3: Install the app in your computer with double click on it.
As you can see, this method is easier than the other one. However, the time that you will spend searching and finding the version of this app will be larger than the time spent with the other version. Yet, once you will find it and have it installed in your computer you are going to have part of several benefits.
1. You will be able to send free messages every day, as much as you want, to all those who have this app installed in their computers.
2. The provider will offer you 100 free messages, which can be sent to those who have not heard or are not using this app in their computers.
3. With this app you can have part of a lot of fun with your friends as you are going to be able to share with them easily videos and photos.
4. If you want to make known your profile to the world, using this app will allow you to upload your profile.
However, as all things, this app also have some disadvantages. The most important one is that if you crossed over the limit of 100 messages per day you will have to pay the rest of the messages. The fact is that they are a bit expensive, so make sure that you don’t cross this limit. Otherwise, you will have to pay pretty much for the entire fun. Also, another advantage is that you always have to update your contacts.
In rest, WhatsApp is an interesting and profitable app. If you don’t want to spend money anymore on messages, you can freely use this app. It will offer you everything you need. It is funny and effective, probably this is why it is so popular.


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