How to Download WhatsApp for iPhone (iOS) and iPad

One of the most preferred topics for smart phones’ users is how to have access to messaging platforms. Also, if the app that they are going to use has even more advantages or features, it is even better. The app  which we are going to discuss today is used worldwide. You will see that the benefits of using this app are immense, and undoubtedly you will want to use it.


Well, in this article you will learn how to download and use the most popular messaging platform, namely WhatsApp. This app can be used on devices as iPhone (iOS) and iPad.

WhatsApp it is can function on all platforms as long as you own an iPhone (iOS) or an iPad. The app can be used with Android mobiles, Symbians, Windows phones and so on. Until recently, for all platforms you could have use this app for free, but now unless you own an Android device, you will have to pay no less than $1 in order to use it.

Somehow, we know what is capable off the WhatsApp. However, we should find more about the features of this amazing and helpful app.

Some features of WhatsApp for iPhone (iOS) and iPad

So, since iPhones are used a lot these days, we should start with the features of WhatsApp for iPhone (iOS).

1. This app is a messaging platform. More precisely, if you have WhatsApp installed on your iPhone you will be able to send messages for free to all your buddies that you have in list. However, for doing this you need wi- fi connection or a data plan.


2. To use this app is quite simple. For being able to take advantage of it you will have to send your name and your phone number. After you will send these two, you will receive a message with a verification code.

Go to the app and enter the code that you have received. After that you will be free to use this app any time you want and as much as you want.


3. A great feature of WhatsApp is that you can send or share files with your friends. You can send videos, pictures or other files.


4. With this app you will also be able to send voice messages. And guess what? The number of voice mails that can you send in unlimited.


5. WhatsApp allows you to create your own groups. If a person is not in the group created by you, it will not have access to it.

From my point of view, this is an excellent feature for all those who are making part from an organization, are students or high schoolers.


6. You want to make calls in other countries for free? Well, with this app this thing is possible if you set your data connection.


7. The messages are stored offline. So, you can always read them later if you missed one of them.


8. If you own an iPad you will receive notifications each time someone is sending you something.



So, what do you think about these features? Are they enough to make you want this app? I am sure that they are. So, if you want WhatsApp on your iPhone or on your iPad you must download it. However, do not forget that only if you have an Android phone you will get it for free. In rest, you must pay $1 in order to make use of it.

However, what is $1 compared to what you stand to gain? Voice mails, unlimited messages to all your friends, share files and calls in other countries can be done easily if you have WhatsApp on your iPhone (iOS) or on your iPad.

So, making use of this app can bring you only benefits. Now, that you know what this spectacular app is capable of doing, all that remains is to download it. You can search on the internet for it, and you will undoubtedly found it on iTunes. Don’t forget that you have to pay for it.

So, are you now convinced of why you should have installed on your iPhone or on your iPad the WhatsApp?

Apparently, the answer is yes. Why wouldn’t you? The benefits are immense and you can have part of a lot of fun using it.



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