VLC media player Free download, support and reviews

Folks in this section we will provide a brief overview of the VLC media player application, give you an opportunity to download it, discuss support options and also ask for your reviews.

A quick review of VLC media player:

VLC has created the industry standard which users recognized hands down as the most popular Media player available across multiple platforms. It is said that there are premium services which would charge the user a lot – which does not even compare with VLC’s awesome capabilities which come in at no charge to the user. The versions range from 2009,2010,2012,2013 through 2015 and can all be downloaded in no time. Need something which is open source, cross platform, and capable of displaying amazing skins? Then VLC is for you, keep reading!

The key features attracting such a wide VLC audience is this:

1. Multi lingual support and display: That’s right, almost 70 languages means VLC travels around the globe.

2. Video support filtering: It is capable of filtering Video files with amazing graphic editing effects all done in real time with instant preview.

3. It probably rivals all of Macromedia’s Flash capabilities for video enthusiasts

4. It is packed with Video stats – rivaling Youtube and Vimeo capabilities.

5. The settings can be changed in accordance with user preferences. It is not necessary to stick with the standard version of VLC – so weather it is surround sound, stereo or mono track, all options are on the cards.

6. It includes newer versions for Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Gentoo, Linux, Fedora, iOS and more. This means that only VLC covers such a broad range of platforms at present. The “rincewind” has also been released, might look the same – but oh boy, does it perform well!

Users report that VLC is so capable of being customized that you’d often wonder if it is the same original version once it has been changed: It is almost like making changes to your Google Analytic dashboard: It can take on any shape and size the user wishes to impose on it.


And the verdict?

Yes, VLC is a market leader and you can try it yourself by downloading it now. Apple Mac users: You’d want something like this, for sure – are you missing PC right now? Don’t worry – VLC for MAC OS X has hit the market running and everyone can enjoy it now. VLC has gone viral and attracted a global audience – standing out for innovation!

Now let’s Download VLC here:

download vlc media player free

And if you downloaded it – please share with us your thoughts on the effectiveness of this amazing free tool!

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