Basic skills (BBC)

Basic skills (BBC).

Free Basic Skills Course Online: Skill wise, this course provides students with knowledge on how to improve various skills that they need in their day-to-day activities. The course is administered in form of interactive literacy and numeracy games and activities that students try online.

A Course on Food Catering: Users can view this free course online by use of video tutorials, which have recipes by top chefs. The course builds the students ability to be able to prepare a variety of foods.

Being a Good Gardener: The course is free and presented by Alan Titchmarsh in eight parts providing the student with the basics of gardening.

First Aid Basics: These basics are offered freely to interested students to equip them with the skills on how to be able to respond to emergencies such as minor cuts or even helping a chocking child.

A plan on Diet and Fitness: This free course provides students with skills on how to improve their physical and mental health within six weeks.

History of the Family: The course freely equips the students with the skills on how to explore archives and search their family tree.

Interesting facts about Basic skills (BBC) careers:

  • With benefits, including bonus (average 4%), social security, retirement, disability, health care, pension, and time off, the total median compensation/salary for banquet managers is $62,500 and salary for catering managers is $65,000 (June 2010).


  • Catering Director Salary Survey. With 4-6 years of experience, catering managers can pursue the next career level as a catering director. And the average base salary for a catering director is between $43,000 and $74,500, according to (June 2010).With benefits, including bonus (average 7%), social security, retirement, disability, health care, pension, and time off, the total median compensation is $89,000 for Catering Directors (June 2010).
  • Carpenter average salary per person is $ 2,460 $ 2,460 if working full-time and part-time employees as per the year 2005.


  • Restaurant Manager – Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar earns $31,218 – $48,923 in United Kingdom.  There is good money for those Restaurant Manager – Chili’s Grill & Bar, on a monthly basis one earn up to $39,989 – $52,674
  • In Canada, the   Restaurant Manager – Cracker Barrel Old Country Store earns in the range of $37,500 – $54,093. By the year 2009, Restaurant Manager  for Subway Restaurant Inc was getting something in the range of $18,581 – $37,000