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Whilst the medical board in the US, UK and Australia have different standards and approaches, the information below is considered world class CPD collected from sponsored editions worldwide, it is considered a useful resource for Dentists and Physicians who would like to stay updated according to the latest research.

Feature debate: Ketogenic diets and the food revolution. 

  • Adolescent Health and Development iTunes  A presentation by experts Robert Blum and Johns Hopkins
  • Animal BehavioriTunes – Presented recently by Gerald Schneider under the auspices of MIT
  • Autism and Related Disorders – iTunes – An interactive discussion between learners and Frank Volkmar, Yale
  • Behavioral EndocrinologyFeed – As presented by Johns Hopkins (advanced seminar)
  • Bioscience in the 21st CenturyiTunesVideo Downloads – Presented by Lehigh University and a team of experts
  • Brain Structure and its OriginsiTunes – Here we hear Prof.
  • Gerald Schneider, MIT elaborate on neuroscience.

Featured cosmetic dentistry CPD video:


A UK Cardiothoracic surgeon Mr Simon Kendall advises on recognizing and dealing with complications after percutaneous coronary intervention and bypass grafting. This is an advanced medical CPD session.

    • Produced with funding from Pfizer and offered free of charge to doctors for CPD purposes:

Key questions on smoking cessation

A session where Professor Paul Aveyard, a researcher, answers GP Dr Keith  Hopcroft’s questions on interventions and pharmacotherapies.

    • Changing the Face of American HealthcareWeb Audio – Cynthia Toms Smedley of the educational institution at Notre Dame Share some enlightening facts with learners.
    • Clinical AnatomyiTunes – Stanford University offers a free talk on Anatomy, which can count towards CPD points for doctors.
    • Computational Molecular BiologyWeb – Douglas Brutlag at Stanford University discusses molecular Biology, a useful and inclusive CPD session that Doctors and students will find useful.
    • Darwin’s LegacyYouTubeiTunes At Stanford University this discussion takes place between several senior lecturers.
    • Dental profession:
    • Colgate professional education for qualified dentists Colgate has invested significant resources into producing specialist CPD courses for dentists, very popular amongst dental professionals worldwide.
    • Disinfecting impressions with ImpreSafe 
    • Free Dental CPD from the dental channel The dental channel has several useful sections that counts towards required CPD for dentists.


  • Evolution, Ecology and BehaviorYouTubeiTunes AudioiTunes VideoDownload Course – Professor Stephen C. Stearns at Yale University shares his research on Evolution, Ecology and behavior, some interesting research and CPD.
  • Frontiers in Biomedical EngineeringYouTubeiTunes AudioiTunes VideoDownload Course – Yale University presents some useful CPD and research as presented by W. Mark Saltzman.
  • Fundamentals of BiologyWeb Site – MIT offers this free CPD session for all, available publically by several lecturers.
  • General Biology 1 Feed – This is a feed presented by John Hopkins about basic Biology.
  • General Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyiTunes – Several professors from UC Berkeley present this module, which is available on iTunes media, very useful CPD for users worldwide.
  • General Human AnatomyYouTubeiTunes – In this session Marian Diamond from UC Berkeley seeks to shed some light on human anatomy with students.
  • Genetic Engineering in Medicine, Agriculture, and LawYouTube – Robert B. Goldberg from UCLA discusses issues and future ideas in relation to genetic engineering, and whilst morally and legally there is still great contention over this area of research, he seeks to break it down in an elementary level.
  • Genomes and DiversityWeb Site – Mark Siegal discusses genomes and diversity which is an interesting viewpoint considering modern day melting pots, under the auspices of NYU.
  • Genomics & Computational BiologyiTunes – George Church from MIT explores Genomics; this is a free download medical CPD available on iTunes and it is quite popular.
  • Global Problems of Population GrowthYouTubeiTunes AudioiTunes VideoDownload Course – Professor Robert Wyman, at Yale seeks to air his view on population Growth around the world and shares interesting new thoughts with listeners, it is also a full CPD course that can be downloaded.
  • Growing Up in the UniverseYouTube – Richard Dawkins from Oxford in the UK presents a video on “Growing up in the Universe”
  • Human Behavioral BiologyiTunes VideoYouTube – Robert Sapolsky from Stanford CT University explores interesting areas of biology, which can also count towards medical, or Dental CPD.
  • Introductory BiologyiTunesMP3s/Videos – Multiple professors from  MIT explores biology with an audience and also releases a free video online.
  • Introduction to BiologyYouTube – A few Professors from UC Berkeley explores basic introductionary biology.
  • Introduction to Oceanography YouTube – Edwin Schauble from the UCLA covers a session on Oceanography.
  • Life, Concepts and Issues: Introduction to Life Sciences for Non-Science MajorsYouTube – Jay Phelan from  UCLA presents a free CPD video.
  • Modern BiologyWeb Site – Carnegie Mellon explores modern biology, which is useful CPD for Doctors and Dentists who may have qualified some years ago.
  • Molecular Biology: Macromolecular Synthesis and Cellular Function iTunes Audio – A few lecturers from UC Berkeley released a free audio session on molecular biology which is popular with GP’s, specialist Doctors and Dentists in their CPD research.
  • Molecules and CellsFeed – A feed released by Johns Hopkins available free online.
  • Replaceable You: Stem Cells and Tissue EngineeringiTunes – Jill Helms from  Stanford explores human engineering and highlights an interesting area of CPD to learners. An advanced lecture.
  • Straight Talk About Stem CellsiTunes – Christopher Scott a well known lecturer from Stanford cuts to the chase regarding his view on stem cell research in the modern world, CPD special feature.
  • Stem Cells: Policy and Ethics iTunes – Christopher Scott from Stanford elaborates on ethics pertaining to stem cell application.
  • The Future of Human HealthYouTubeiTunes – Jennifer Raymond released a free online course video about health amongst humans.
  • The History of Public HealthiTunesU – Graham Mooney and Johns Hopkins discusses public health developmental issues, freely downloadable.
  • The Stanford Mini Med School (Fall)iTunesYouTubeWeb Site – Multiple Professors from several universities presents CPD topics available in several format.
  • The Stanford Mini Med School (Winter) – iTunesYouTubeWeb Site – Multiple Professors at Stanford shares CPD information.
  • The Stanford Mini Med School (Spring) – iTunesWeb Site – Multiple Professors Spring edition from Stanford for medical CPD, really useful information for Dentists and GPs.
  • The Stanford Mini Med School: The Heart – iTunesYouTube – Multiple Professors
  • Virology – iTunes Video – Vincent Racaniello, Columbia University A lecture focusing on virology, suitable for CPD and general medical staff training.

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Interesting facts about the biology and medicine course

  • Medical Percussionist earns $93,500 monthly in U.S.A. These are the people working on the machines and other equipment that provisionally governs an individual’s circulation and respiratory work.
  • In United Kingdom, the Clinical Trial Manager takes home $92,600 per month.
    Certain establishments may want a master’s degree, but then again there are those that might simply accept candidates who have successfully done a certificate program
  • Prosperous product directors in the health care business must have a bachelor’s degree in business, business management, sales and marketing, or a health-related field with appropriate industry familiarity. For this rank, he or she gets $87,800 per month.
  • If operating in sales department is your desired target, working as a coordinator to make sure patients are getting the finest drugs and medical produces could be apparently your alley. Interestingly, you will not less than $84,200 on a monthly basis.
  • The field of biology and medicine also requires a Transplant Coordinator. Transplant coordinators are engrossed in various operations ranging from evaluation to pre-transplant workups and post-surgical care and follow up. The transplant coordinators must have a bachelor’s degree in a medically related faculty, as well being registered nurses.
  • In U.S.A, Radiology/Diagnostic Imaging Directors who takes care of medical imaging programs and ensuring high working standards among staff, earns a minimum of $76,400 monthly.
  • In the same field, we have the Hand therapists who work with patients who are pre and post-operative, plus those wanting preemptive care and pain control. The Hand Therapist takes home $70,200 every moth.