Free Chemistry training courses online.

Free Biochemistry 1 Lectures.
This is a free course presented in a series of YouTube videos by Prof. S. Dasgupta, a lecturer at the department of Chemistry at IIT, Kharagpur.

Free Biochemistry Course.
This is a course presented by a group of Professors from the University of Wisconsin. The course provides students with all that appertains to Biochemistry.

Chemical Structure and reactivity.
This is a free course offered by the University of California and presented by Peter Volhardt. The course provides students with the knowledge on the structure of different atoms and molecules including their reactivity with other compounds.

Introduction to Chemistry.
This is a free course offered by the Open Learning Initiative. The course provides students will cover the following topics; Dimensional Analysis, the mole, empirical formulas, limiting reagents, titrations and reactions involving mixtures.

Organic Chemistry I: Freshmen.
This a free course offered by J. Michael McBride, a lecturer at Yale University.

Organic Chemistry II: freshmen.
The course is a continuation of Organic Chemistry I. J. Michael McBride, a lecturer at Yale University, also offers it freely.

Free Marine Chemistry Course Online.
This course is offered by Stanford University. Two courses are available under the category, which are Biological Oceanography and Marine chemistry.

Online Surface Chemistry Course free.
The topics offered in this course are structure of solid surfaces, adsorption, Langmuir isotherm, UHV and pressure, surface analysis, over layers, diffraction, imaging, & depth.

Free Analytical Chemistry Course Online.
University of Akron offers various topics including gravimetry, titrimetry, complexes, electrochemistry, potentiometry, coulometry, voltammetry, spectrophotometry, chromatography and many more.

Free online Chemistry for Biology course.
This course is facilitated by the University of Akron provide online students with the knowledge in basic chemistry, chemical bonds, chemistry of water and introduction to organic molecules.


General Principles of Chemistry.
This free course covers the first nine chapters of the 12th Edition of Chemistry of the book ‘The central Science’. The topics discussed include thermochemistry, electron configuration, periodicity, bonding and molecular structure.

Chemistry: An Introduction
Multiple Professors offers the course freely from The University of California, Berkeley. It equips students with knowledge on various aspect of chemistry including the mole concept, structure and bonding, the periodic table among others.

Chemical Engineering: An Introduction
Here Channing Robertson, a lecturer at the Stanford University chemical engineering department freely offers lectures on the introduction, outline and background of chemical engineering, as he shared with his students in class.

Solid State Chemistry: An Introduction
Here Donald Sadoway, a lecturer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology freely offers knowledge to interested students in video recording as he shared with his students in class.

Organic Spectroscopy Course.
This is a free graduate course offered online and presented by James Norwich, a lecturer at UC Irvine. It includes the modern methods used in structure determination of organic molecules.

Free online Drinking Water Treatment course.
The course provides students with the technological background knowledge of the processes of treating water meant for drinking.

Chemistry Laboratory Techniques
it’s a free course offered by Massachusetts institute of technology which is an intensive introduction to the techniques of experimental chemistry and gives students an opportunity to learn an master the basic chemistry lab techniques.

Experimental Chemistry: An Introduction
it’s a free course offered by Massachusetts institute of technology. The course provides students with a stimulating and enjoyable hands-on experience with chemical phenomena.

Biochemistry Laboratory
Massachusetts institutes of technology offers the course free. At the end of the course, the students will have a research-inspired laboratory experience with standard biochemical techniques.

Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Small Molecules.
The course offered by MIT illustrates the spectroscopy of small molecules in the gas phase. The course is taught using Video lectures, lecture notes and exams.

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Interesting facts about Chemistry training courses online.

  • In the USA and Canada, the amount of money one earns depends on the position one occupies and the level of education one acquired while still varying from the institution and state one is in. It is a technical course hence many people will prefer it because of interest and passion of doing things related to chemistry and other sciences.
  • A High School Teacher earns $44,727; an Elementary School Teacher earns $40,832, a middle
  • Schoolteacher earns $42,188, an Assistant Professor, Postsecondary earns $64,228, an Associate Professor, and Postsecondary earns $73,972 while a Professor, Postsecondary earns $96,953
  • Employees with a Chartered Chemical Engineer: MIChemE, MRSC (Royal Society of Chemistry) Certification will earn depending on the work experience. Those who have 10-19 years of experience earn $74,880 – $160,000 while those with 20 or more years of experience earn $119,516 – $175,000 on average.
  • Employees with an ASCP Certified Chemistry Technologist Certification will also earn depending on the years of experience they have. Those with 5-9 years of experience earn $63,250 on average. In other cities such as New York, an Employee with an ASCP Certified Specialist in Chemistry (SC) Certification earns $82,500 on average.