Is iPhone 5c the best investment for a student?

From the day when Smartphone was first introduced in the market, it brought information closer to people among of many other areas. However, in this article, we are going to look at how Smartphone has helped students. We have gathered some useful mobile stats from Futurewebsupport: ( )

It is a known fact that a Smartphone has the ability to do a lot more other than in communication and texting. Therefore, due to this fact, Smartphone has been known to help students a lot more in everything they are doing. Well, is the iPhone 5c the best investment for any college student? The answer is obvious.

How to determine if a Smartphone is helpful to a student

Trying to identify if a Smartphone can help a student can be very challenging. However, through proper information on a particular Smartphone and knowledge of the features you are looking for, you will make your work very easy. In general, it will all depend on the features you will be looking for. Therefore, there is no doubt that iPhone 5c can be a good investment for a student, you may even get it free with a contract.

This is because it does offer features that students do love. Moreover, through the same features students are guaranteed to get help in doing research, socializing, sharing information and many more.

Features that will help students

It is a known fact that students love to socialize, take photos, images among other things. Well, through these apps and features that are found in iPhone 5c, students might enjoy having this Smartphone. These features and apps include:-


Over the years, YouTube has proven to be one of the most loved video websites especially by students. This is because it does offer a lot of informative videos, music videos, movies, and even funny videos. Due to this increasing traffic, there is a YouTube app and it is found in most Smartphones including iOS 6 and iOS 7 gadgets. Moreover, you can download these apps for free.


Spotify is a great app that is found in iOS. In general, this app has found in iPhone 5c. This is an essential download for music streaming. There are rumors that this app comes with third party apps like last FM and Tune-wiki.

Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus

Many students become very tired of carrying bulky books like thesaurus and dictionary. However, due to advancement in technology, now students do not have the need to carry heavy and bulky dictionary and thesaurus because this iOS app does reduce everything. In general, through this app, students can look up for definition of words at any time without carrying bulky books.

Brain POP UK

This is another great iOS app that can teach students something new.  This app shows kids an animated video to teach them something new every day.


This app is one of the most popular apps for students who love literature, philosophy, poetry, drama or even short stories. Through this app, you have the ability to receive a lot of pre-installed study guides that will help you in your studies.

Quick Graph

Mathematics is a subject that is compulsory for students. This is because without this subject, a [person may not know how to calculate anything in life. Therefore, if you are taking mathematics lessons, there is a higher possibility that this app will help you a lot. This app will show you how to draw graphs, equate equations and many more.


Even though this app does not offer a lot of features, it is still the fastest web browser. This browser is guaranteed to change everyone’s browsing experience. It is a known fact that students need to do research on their area of study to get more information. Therefore, what would be the greatest way of researching other than through chrome? This app is surely going to help students in going online as well as in research.


Indeed there is no doubt that iPhone 5c has great feature and apps that will help students with everything they are doing. Moreover, this Smartphone is cheaper and it is really affordable especially to students. Well, if you are a student, then you should really consider going for this Smartphone because it will help you a lot.

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