Carnival Cruise Lines Application

Recruitment Information and the Interview process at Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Cruise Lines ApplicationA job interview at Carnival Cruise Lines can take several weeks to schedule, depending on the position being recruited for and the location. Prior to attending to the work interview at the Cruise Line, it would be beneficial to do a Little research into the company. Learn about the history of the company and the various posts available. Dress professionally for the interview and be prepared to discuss your employment history.

Landing a job with the Cruise Line requires a large amount of communication skills and customer service. Some typical questions during an interview of Carnival Cruise Lines include: “Do you get sick at sea? How do you juggle different tasks? Can you share a small room with another person? and can you work with a diverse team of associates of many different nationalities?

Regularly available positions at Carnival Cruise Lines

Crew Member, Casino Associate, Animator, Gift Shop Sales Associate, beauty/spa/gym Attendants, Photographer, Accountant, Financial Analyst, Support Services/Administrative Assistant, Advertising/Marketing Manager, Customer Service/Call Center Reppresentative, Human Resources Associate.

To apply online for Carnivals job offerings, follow the URL below to their online recruitment center:

Carnival Cruise Lines possible interview questions:

Dont go to your interview un-prepared. Review these often used interview questions and prepare and practice your answers to improve your interviewing skills.

What would you do with free time at port? Whay have you chosen to work on a ship? Have you had a job interview with Carnival Cruise Lines before? What level of education (high school or university) hae you acheived? What are your salary expectations? Will you submitt to a pre-emplyment drug test?

Important facts about Employment with Carnival Cruise Lines

The minimum age to be eligible for work at Carnival Cruise Lines is 21 years of age

Carnival Cruise Lines has hours of operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and shifts are available throughout those hours.

The online application form of Carnival Cruise Lines helps cruise ship workers to find prospective careers available in the cruise line industry. Apply online to receive consideration with Carnival Cruise recruitment immediately.

Overview and History of Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Cruise Lines was founded in 1972 by Ted Ariston. It  operates from its corporate headquarters in Doral, FL, a suburb of Miami. Carnival Cruise Lines is today a division of Carnival Corporation & plc together with several other cruise lines such as, Aida Cruises, Holland America Line, P & OR Cruises and Princess Cruises. The headquarters of the Corporation is in Miami, FL. Carnival Cruise Lines operates a total of 22 ships, such as the Carnival paradise, the Carnival Destiny, the Carnival Triumph, the Carnival Miracle and the Carnival splendor. The oldest ship that carnival has in its fleet is the Carnival Fantasy, which was built in 1990. The cruise line is known for shorter and less expensive cruises. They often adorn vessels in a Las Vegas theme. Carnival offers a wide range of activities on the ship, including gambling, participating in gastronomy events and rock wall climbing.

If you need entry-level work on a ship or simply hope to begin a career in entertainment with one of the largest cruise lines in the world, Carnival Cruise Lines is the opportunity that you are looking for. The Cruise Line must hire several entry-level employees and professional to fill personnel vacancies for part-time and full-time jobs. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age to apply  online with the carnival. Fill out an application for employment with the Cruise Line to land yourself a career opportunity available today.

With Carnival, workers often start in computer work or as customer service associates. Entry-level Jobs include cleaning and maintenance of the areas of the ship, assisting customers, processing orders for food and drink or carrying out several other important jobs at sea. Professional employees at carnival often got their foot in the door doing maintenance, crewing the ship, in hotel management or other careers in entertainment. Professional Duties vary according to the title of the position, mapping, and the employment department of the ship.

Carnival Cruise workers enjoy the benefits of flexible work hours, offset job training and competitive wage scales for the cruise industry. Eligible Partners of Carnival often receive other employment benefits, such as paid holidays, retirement plans (401 k), and health insurance options and benefits. Apply online to find an opportunity at Carnival. If you start the on-line application with Carnival today, you could start earning a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package that you are looking for. Apply online with Carnival to receive immediate consideration of employment in the cruise line industry.

Land Based and Shipboard Employment opportunities

Land Based Employment

The incredible carnival holiday starts with the Sruise Line’s employees on land. No matter what role they play – and there are many – Carnival employees will have the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally, while enjoying excellent pay and benefits. You will be surrounded by people who know how to put fun first and you will be welcomed as if you were a member of the family. Take your talents, share your skills and embark on a great career with carnival.

Employment On-board

An ocean of opportunities awaits you, embark on a fun new career at sea. What is your idea of a great job? Is it a career oportunity that allows you to travel to beautiful destinations on a spectacular seaworthy resort, while being part of a multicultural group of colleagues from more than 100 different nationalities? Or is it a job that allows you to earn much money while learning, growing and fulfilling your profesional dreams and ambitions? At Carnival Cruise Lines, that is their idea of a great career!

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