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Caterpillar Recruitment Processes

Here begins the road to great things. The company is always looking for unique individuals that have the potential to help build its business, serving their customers and thrive within their dynamic and global team. Its recruitment and careful selection process is designed to match the best candidates with the right positions for the long-term success.

You can follow the link below to apply with Caterpillar directly on their website:

The process of selection of this company is designed to assess your skills and talents in comparison to the jobs they have available. During this process of selection you will have the opportunity to learn more about Caterpillar and tell them about your unique experience. Their selection process consists of four phases:

1. Completion of an application and forms.

During this phase of the process, they will respond to any questions you have about employment at the company. The delivery of information about previous employment forms and background information is completed at this time.

2. Tests.

These tests will help the company assess your work-related skills and abilities.

3. Invitation for an interview.

After completing the tests successfully, you may be eligible for comprehensive interviews that evaluate your achievements and qualifications. During this phase, your work reference can be contacted to verify the information in previous employment.

4. Job Offer.

Based on the results of the interview, you can be extended a job offer. Following any job offer, you must provide medical information and you will have to undergo a physical examination to determine your proper work placement.

The company’s interview process gives you the opportunity to talk about your experiences and learn more about our company. You would do your best if you approach the interview with a positive attitude and prepare using the following tips:

Pay attention to your appearance.

Know where to go for the interview.

Be ready to talk about your experiences at work, school and social environments which are related to the job that you’re looking for.

Be friendly, relaxed; be yourself.

Be an attentive listener.

Prepare some thoughtful questions.

Here are some questions that the interviewer is likely to ask:

Tell me about a job that had required high attention to detail from your part. How happy/unhappy you were with that and why?

We have all felt stress in our working lives. Tell me about situations related to the job that cause stress for you. How do you normally handle such stress?

Tell me the more difficult change that you have faced at work. What actions did you take and what were the results?

Describe a situation when you saw a problem and took action to correct it rather than waiting for someone to do so. Which steps did you take? What made you take action and what were the results of this action?

Notice to all applicants

This company participates in E-Verify. The company provides the Social Security Administration (SSA) and, if necessary, the Department of Homeland Security, information for each new employee’s form I-9 to confirm work authorization. Federal law requires that all employers verify the employment eligibility and identity of all persons hired to work in the United States.  If the government, using E-Verify, can’t confirm that you are authorized to work, the company, needs to provide you with written instructions and the opportunity to contact the SSA or DHS before taking any adverse actions against you.



The company makes progress possible in the globe – for their customers, for the growth of the communities and for each member of their team. As a single company with hundreds of global locations to serve the industries as varied as transportation, Marine and forestry, they are in a unique position to offer a myriad of opportunities and rewards that make it worthwhile for their employees.

These pillars describe the people you will work with, the company you will work for, and the type of work you will do having a career with this company. As the company makes progress possible around the globe through its powerful engine and machine products and solutions, you can say your road to progress begins with a career at this company.


Manufacturing is a career that has much to offer. The factories of today are highly efficient and high-tech. In each job the only thing needed is a problem solver, delivering the highest quality products. That is not an exaggeration. Now a days the dirty, boring factory jobs from 50 years ago, are performed by robots. The work of today require skill, experience and ability.

What hasn’t changed is the feeling of having built something real. Every day, the members of the company’s team can leave proud of the work they do. The machines and engines that this company is used to build roads and bridges, ports, and buildings. Their engines bring energy to oil platforms, hospitals, ships and more. You can see the results of a work day both in the factory and in the world.

It is a strong and growing profession that is here to stay. A strong manufacturing base must be important to everybody, because it is an essential component of a thriving economy.

The company values deep knowledge of experienced professionals who contribute their valuable, diverse career experiences to support their growing company in many disciplines, including engineering, operations, logistics, technical marketing, supply chain, corporate services such as financial services, HR, IT and more.

A career is built on hard work and dedication and this company is passionate about what they do. With their timeless values as a cornerstone, they are a company based in relationships, always looking to build loyalty with their customers.

It is true that a large part of the infrastructure of the world is conducted through our machinery. But it needs their talented team to get things done for their clients. So your career at Caterpillar can go in any direction, whether it’s at sales, making the business case, making the next patent or the machine. The company’s success is based on the talent and commitment of more than 132,000 employees in countries around our globe.

Employees and retirees of caterpillar make the world better

Guided by our values in action, and taking advantage of the company’s system of production and 6 Sigma principles, the company’s people show passion for innovation and customer service. Their diverse workforce speaks more than 100 languages and is limited by a common goal: to make a better world tomorrow by the work we are doing today.


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