Cincinnati Financial Application

Cincinnati Financial Company Overview

Four independent agents formed this insurance company in 1950; its commitment to the independent agency system became their main strength and continues to be their most important competitive advantage. Their mission places independent agents at the center of their identity, recognizing that the local agents have the relationships that lead to satisfied, loyal and profitable business and policyholders. This approach has produced in above average profitability and growth of shareholders dividends, who benefit from their low cost field structure. Field representatives are able to work outside their homes in the same communities as the agents and policyholders they serve.

The company continuously strengthens service offering agents and policyholders a strong local presence, unsurpassed service claim, the technology initiatives of labor savings and competitive products, rates and compensation.

Insurance Career Opportunities

You can start your journey with the company in many ways. Most partners begin their careers in one of these positions. See the job offers for the full job descriptions.

Underwriters: Underwriters are risk and relationship managers for the company. Using sophisticated software, they analyze a variety of data to determine the acceptability of the risks of insurance and the premium these risks require. Underwriters employ connection and agreement skills to manage the relationships with their independent agency customers while they work to achieve goals of growth and profitability for their territories. Underwriters must have the ability to take decisions with precision and efficiency.

In this company, underwriters are organized into teams by geographical territories, all working to serve their independent agencies and their personal and business clients. While this position usually requires a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, underwriters come to this company out of a variety of sources and with different work experiences.

The underwriter’s career in the company begins with a combination of formal classroom training and mentoring from an experienced underwriter before you’re assigned to your own territory.

Claims Representatives: As stewards of the reputation of the company, claims representatives work with the insured after a loss, resolving claims promptly and accurately. When they look for field claims representatives and the headquarters claims partners that support them, we are looking for people with excellent interpersonal skills and then teach them to be good claims representatives.

Support Staff: support positions are the most suitable for people who have the willingness to learn, grow and accept new challenges. Their support staff is a crucial part of their success at the company. If you are a person with strong technological knowledge or skills to solve big problems, the company can expand your fields of interest. The support positions do not always require advanced degrees, but do require an attention to detail and an ability to learn the fundamental concepts and operations of the department.

IT Professionals: IT associates, maintain and support mainframe, network based and computer Web based computer systems. IT professionals deliver and maintain technology solutions in real time to improve the service, streamline workflow and make it easier for associates and agents to share information and do business. IT professionals develop applications to support customer processing, claims functions and policies processing. Learn more about IT projects, structure and professional development.

The company’s technology professionals are selected for their previous technical expertise and their ability to apply knowledge and innovative thinking in the changing industry of information technology.

How to apply at Cincinnati Financial

You can follow the link below to their website, to search and apply for jobs that match your skillset:

The process for applying online takes about 30 minutes, once you have completed your job search.

If you applied online with the company before 04/05/2012, you will need to re-register, create a password and re-submit the entire application information.

You will need an email address so your application is complete. You will be receiving an email confirmation to this address after filing the application.

Applications are reviewed carefully for the qualifications and experience by the Department of human resources. To assist in this evaluation, please be sure to complete the entire application.

Due to the large amount of requests they get, you will be contacted within 3 weeks of submission, if you are being considered for a specific position.

Please check the accuracy of your information before submitting your request. You will need to reapply if you want to make changes after submitting your initial application.

Please note that all applications are retained for one year from the date of submission. The company accepts Microsoft ® Word, Adobe ® PDF and text attachments only.

They attach equal employment opportunity to all qualified individuals regardless of race, creed, color, sex, including their sexual orientation; religion; national origin; age; disability; or any other basis prohibited by law. Applicants may consult the Federal employment notices before applying.

Current Partners

Current company’s partners that are interested in external jobs can communicate with a human resources member.

The company, formed in 1968, based on 2012 written premiums, it is in the country’s top 25 property casualty insurer groups. It operates through the insurance company of Cincinnati, which itself has four insurance subsidiaries and through two subsidiaries of financial services.

Employee Assistance Programs

Their assistance program is a free and confidential service that helps their associates and their families to better navigate life themes.

Group life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment and disability plans for short and long term

To help protect their associates and their families, they offer full-time associates:

Free group life insurance. Your company pays 100 percent of the premium and you automatically register at the beginning of employment. Quantities vary depending on the duration of your service.

The option to buy protection for accidental death and dismemberment.

Free short term Protection of disability and the option to buy protection for long-term disability.

Retirement Savings Plan

Associates can plan their future by depositing the before taxes and after taxes earnings in the CFC savings plan, our savings 401 (k) tool.


At Cincinnati,  some of their most popular services are known throughout the area. Partners enjoy a lunch program subsidized by the company and can choose among a wide variety of soups, salads and dishes in their spacious and relaxed dining room. Also available in the dining room are hot breakfast items, along with a variety of vending choices.

Four company condominium in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida, reward best performance partners and their families with a fun and relaxing beach holiday.

Welfare Programs

They offer a variety of wellness programs including fitness classes in situ, Weight Watchers ® meetings and lunch time seminars on topics of wellness. On-site nurses offer routine blood pressure checks the, allergy shots, medications, and rooms for nursing mothers or for physical therapy. They even have special annual events to detect prostate and breast cancer and make cholesterol screenings.


Our associates enjoy receiving discounts through local and national vendors for items such as computers, hotels, cell phone service, and Broadway shows. Two times a year, the company’s associates and their families to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical garden!

Continuing Education

They have a culture of lifelong learning and encourage associates to increase their personal abilities and their general business and industry-specific knowledge. And the online learning options in their learning center facilitate the expansion of knowledge, and a program of tuition assistance is available for partners that meet requirements. Partners also enjoy regular meetings of our Toastmasters International ® club and technology user groups meet to share information on the latest trends in technology.

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