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Career Opportunities at Convergys

convergys jobapplicationformHave you ever dreamed of working for an international company? A reputable company, that works with different business around the world? If that is the case, how about you think about applying a job at Convergys? You will find great opportunities in this company that will lay your quest for a job to rest. It is a public company that runs an international consultant outsourcing business.

Historical Facts

Convergys is a corporation that was established in the late 1990s. It was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio. But at that time it was under the umbrella Cincinnati Bell Corporation, This meant that it was still a subsidiary of Cincinnati Bell. It was until august 1998, that the company attained full independence as a company through an IPO. From that time it has grown to a multi-billion company, trading on the New York Exchange under stock ticker. Having acquired many companies along the road Convergys success has led it to commanding $2 billion annual revenue. The company has also employed over 70,000 employees both at entry-level and profession terms all over the world. Nowadays the headquarters of the company are located in Cincinnati.

Convergys specializes in:

  • Outsourcing consultation- Takes pride in offering quality outsourcing consultation to different business around the globe
  • Customer management- If a company needs assistance in handling any customer related issues then the company offers such management services. Some of the customer management products at Convergys include, care software that helps in communication, financial services technology and many more.
  • Information management- If your firm is having any problem with its information system, Convergys is the right company to sort you out. It achieves this through products like, Business support systems that include revenue, product and order management and many others.
  • Billing Services- IT also sptcializes in billing services that includes bills collection, filling claims services and many other billing services.

Qualifications to work at Convergys

To be considered eligible for a position, you must first of all be of the age of 18 and over. For the entry-level jobs Convergys is looking for motivated and talented individuals who can work under least supervision. Because Convergys deals with a lot of customer service oriented jobs individuals must be friendly and have a positive attitude.

For the professional jobs, relevant qualifications are required and they should be accompanied by certificates. This organization also looks for persons with relevant experience in the field they apply on the professional segment.For those applying for the professional jobs, it’s also worth noting that you can get the chance to work at Convergys headquarters in Cincinnati.

Apply Online: Here goes their Official Website

Facts about working at Convergys

Company offers the most conducive working environment and it’s the best place to launch your career if you dream big. Convergys operates for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week; this should not be a signal to worry you about being over-worked as Convergys employees work in shifts. It also offers you the chance to choose whether you will work for them full-time or part-time, this is a clear indication that at converge you will have unlimited opportunities to grow. For those who will qualify for the entry-level jobs it’s worth noting that the organization offers you a training on the respective jobs you will be assigned and the best part is that you get paid during the training period.

Career opportunities:

Convergys has several dockets of employment that need to be filled.Here some of the opportunities at Convergys

1) Customer service representatives- This is a promising career at Convergys and the applicant must be 18 years and above. Relevant qualification will be required. A bubbly persona coupled with a friendly attitude is also an added advantage to qualify for this job. The Customer service representative are vested with the role of answering  relevant questions to all clients who need information about the services and policies.

2) Service associate– another exciting carrier at Convergys, It’s an exciting job because you will get to meet different clients every day. Just like the customer service representative you need to have a welcoming and friendly attitude. Because you primary job is to assist clients into choosing the services offered by the company, you must have impeccable knowledge about these services. But don’t let that scare you away as you will be trained accordingly.

3) Management– This is a very competitive yet lucrative position at Convergys. The role of a manager includes the streamlining of operations and overseeing them at the branch level. The mangers are also responsible for the hiring and training of new staff members. To qualify you must possess a stalwart leadership skill and a sturdy organizational skill.

Why work at Convergys?

Working at Convergys tows along with a wide array of benefits that will make your working at Convergys seem a holiday in a paradise. If you have not made your mind about working at Convergys  then  some of the benefits you will enjoy if you get hired after making that prudent decision of applying a job at Convergys.


  • reasonable working hours and a conducive environment
  • reasonable A highly competitive salary
  • a life insurance policy
  • A 401 plan
  • employees stock purchase program
  • there is also a paid time off so you don’t have to worry on you off days
  •  employment discount programs
  • medical care plans with dental and vision inclusive

How to apply for the jobs:

Because Convergys understands the score of convenience, it has made the applying for the above jobs an easy task because you can apply from the comfort of your living room. All you have to do is fill in the job application online and send them. Piece of cake!

At Convergys they believe that every relationship matters and that is what makes them a family, whether you are a professional at Convergys or you are starting you career at Convergys you will bare witness that they treat you as one of their own. Convergys takes the initiative to even look for the relationship outside the working area.


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