DTE Energy Corporation Application

How to apply online

The company uses two separate systems to accept and process requests for employment online.

The Taleo system contains a list of available jobs in Michigan with DTE electric, gas or the DTE Energy Corporation.

This new system is effective as of May 04 2011 and has replaced eRecruit. Candidates who have previously applied in eRecruit will need to create a new accounts/profiles to apply to new positions.

If you have recently applied in eRecruit, your submission has been entered. If you are selected for a job interview, a recruiter of DTE Energy will contact you.

This new system allows you to configure a work agent, which will notify you electronically when a new position is posted based on your defined criteria.

The eTalent system contains the listing of jobs available in both the United States and in Michigan, with the company’s subsidiaries.

Please note that a simple online registration will be directed to any utility or corporate job opportunities of this company. Separately, it is mandatory to register for a second time if you are also interested in opportunities with companies in the energy resources companies of DTE with no utility.

The recruitment process

They publish the available positions online. Use the search/apply for jobs link to the left and select any link to access the specific openings:

Search for and apply to jobs in Michigan with the company’s electrical, gas or Energy Corporation

Search jobs and apply in the United States with the subsidiary companies of the company’s energy resources.

For instructions and demonstrations of their online application system, see How to apply online on the company’s web site. After applying for a position, you will receive a confirmation receipt of your email application.

If DTE Energy Corporation is starting to sound like a place you’d really love to work at then follow the URL below to the company’s website and apply online today:


You can periodically check the online system for the status of your application and you can also apply for other jobs of interest to you. Due to the high volume of requests they receive, you may not be personally contacted with respect to your application.

If you are selected as a candidate, someone may contact you for a telephone or in person interview. You can schedule interviews in person at the actual work site, at their headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.

Depending on the type of position you are applying for, you may be required to successfully complete and pass a skills evaluation. For certain jobs, they use validated skill tests to evaluate the candidate’s ability to perform job related skills.

If you are offered a position, you will be prompted to complete a recruitment process that may include, but are not limited to the verification of your education and previous work experience, a criminal background investigation and a drug test. Depending on the position, may also be required to complete a pre-employment physical.

If you successfully complete the recruitment process, a start date will be determined. In general, on the first day of employment, you will participate in a new program of employee orientation and be required to verify your identity and eligibility to work in the United States.

Interview tips

For many of their positions, they use Targeted Selection ® process for interviewing job candidates. The Targeted Selection was developed by Development Dimensions International. It is a behavior-based interview process, recognizing that the past behaviors are a great predictor of future behavior.

The objective of the Targeted Selection Process is to obtain behavorial information from the candidates (e.g. past behavior) to accurately assess their skill levels in relation to the skill level necessary for the job. Targeted Selection also helps promote the fairness to candidates and ensures recruitment departments have involvement in the selection of the competencies and interview questions.

Provision STARs

Candidates will be asked to provide answers about interview questions using the star format. For each question in the interview, a candidate will be asked to provide an example of how he or she demonstrated a competency (e.g., knowledge, skill, or ability) explaining the situation or task, describing the actions taken and the results of those actions.

The interviewers will ask each candidate on their concrete actions, not the actions of a team or group of individuals that the candidate may have worked with to complete a task, project, etc.

Interview Questions

An interview team’s goal is to obtain three complete STARs for each competency. While all the candidates for a particular job should be assessed in the same set of competencies (for example, the customer focus, planning and organization, technical expertise), an interview team may not necessarily ask each candidate the same set of questions.

The goal of the interviewers is to obtain sufficient information from the behavior of a candidate to make an accurate assessment. Sometimes a candidate is unable to respond to a specific question. Interviewers can then ask a different question to evaluate the skill level of a candidate.

Interviewers also ask follow-up questions in order to obtain the necessary data on the behavior of a candidate that provides more information in the assessment of the levels of competition.

Interview Preparation

A simple way to prepare for an interview is to have a friend or colleague to ask questions related to the requirements listed in a job. Using the star format as a guide, you should practice giving response. Ask a friend or colleague to help you with the follow up questions so you become familiar with answering additional questions and provide more information.

Company Culture

They understand that, with time, the constant factor that distract us from their competitors and peers is the caliber of their employees.

That is why we are focused on the construction of a highly committed labor force with the commitment and skills required for the success.

They offer a work environment where: everyone is treated with dignity, fairness and respect, the employees are encouraged to set high goals, develop and perform to their maximum potential, accountability and personal responsibility are encouraged and rewarded and they communicate directly with each other/they constantly try to improve their performance


The company is a diversified energy company involved in the development and management of companies related to energy and services on a national level.

Electric/Gas Utilities

Their operating subsidiaries are the company’s electric and gas.  Together, these companies of regulated public utilities provide electric or gas services to more than 3 million residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout Michigan.

Non-utility Companies

Their electric and gas utility companies each have been in operation for more than a century. They have taken advantage of this wealth of experience and assets to develop a series of non-utility subsidiaries providing energy related services to business and industry throughout the country.

Their commitment

The company is committed to always do the right thing – for their customers, their communities, their employees and their shareholders.

And they mean it when they say “always”.

The purpose of the company clarifies: They serve with their energy, the soul of the communities and the engine of progress.

Fulfilling their purpose requires balancing their social responsibilities, economic and environmental while providing the reliable and affordable energy, an essential ingredient in the life of the people that they serve.

Corporate responsibility is a way to demonstrate this commitment. Their corporate responsibility and sustainability reporting allows you to monitor their progress in the goals they have established with people, economic and environmental issues. Their reports also enable them to share information with you about the initiatives and activities that they are doing to help them achieve their goals.

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