Dynegy Application

Empowering careers

Enhance your career by joining the Dynegy team. Today, this company is defining what they like to call the new energy generation, meaning there’s an opportunity for you.

With headquarters in Houston, Texas, the capital of the energy industry, the company is committed to being a leader in the power generation business. With approximately 14,000 megawatts of generating capacity in their key regions of the Midwest, the west and the northeast, the company focuses on providing reliable and affordable energy.

This company has opportunities for qualified professionals in a wide range of fields. Please use their job search tool to view their current vacancies.

Total Rewards

This company offers an excellent total rewards package programs and continued career development. This company is focused on the development of its employees. You will receive support to meet your everyday needs and aspirations. In this company, development is not restricted; it is part of their daily activities. They also offer occasional work clothes, encourage community participation and recognition of their employee’s excellence. They value their employees and are always looking for new ways to express their commitment. In recognition of the special talents and dedication of their people, the company provides varied and complete perks, remuneration and appreciation programs:

Compensation and incentive payment

The company pays for performance. Your wage growth and opportunity for promotion are based on your individual performance and your contributions to the success of this company. They maintain market and corporate data sources to ensure their compensation package is current and competitive in the changing labor market. Their compensation program also includes a program of incentive bonuses based on performance for eligible employees.

Dental and Health

In this company, your health and dental plans are available for you upon employment. Their essential plan is an account based health plan with a health savings account. The terms of their plan are above the average for your coverage and protection out of pocket.

Savings Plan 401 (k)

You are eligible to contribute to the 401 (k) Savings Plan on a before-tax basis, in one percent increments of your basic salary to the annual pretax contribution limit set by the IRS. The company contributes equally to your 401 (k) savings account based on your contributions and plan eligibility provisions.

Retirement Plan

Full-time employees also receive a company credit equal to 6% of your annual base salary in the Portable retirement benefit Plan of or credited company service in a benefit retirement plan defined by plan eligibility.

Flexible working hours

It is essential that the company continues to create a challenging work environment conducive to maximum performance, providing employees with an appropriate balance between their work and personal life.

Time outside of work

An important benefit of your total reward package at this company is time away from work-either to travel or recreation, to recover from illness or caring for a sick family member, to fulfill your civic duty or celebrate holidays. Their programs, provided at no charge, provide a personal paid time bank each year that gives you the freedom to take time away from work for vacation, festivities not contemplated by the company, or for other personal causes for employees. In addition, a bank of sick time is available each year to use for your own illness or injury be it occasional or extended, or for pregnancy. Other programs of license in the company include long-term disability, maternity, new parent leave, sick family leave and military leave.

Technical Support/Feedback

The company’s career welcomes comments and suggestions. They appreciate your feedback and use it to help create better services.

They will only review the curricula vitae of the persons that have requested through their web site for the open positions that are available.

Energizing you, powering their communities.

The company offers wholesale power, capacity and ancillary services to the public services, cooperatives, municipalities and other energy companies in six states in their key regions of the United States in the central region, northeast and the west coast. Their shipping and fuel geographical diversity, contributes to a portfolio that is well positioned to capitalize on regional differences in energy prices and demand driven by the climate. The company has the ability to generate enough electricity to feed almost 10 million households throughout the country. The company provides service to residential customers, municipal, commercial and industrial through its energy business locale in Illinois.

Their purpose: Energizing you, powering their communities.

Their values: Safety, integrity, agility, collaboration, responsibility

Security – they work with safety and require the same from others.

Security is an absolute for employees and contractors in their plants and their corporate offices and the communities where they operate.

They strive to complete each day incident and injury free.

Responsibility – they are accountable to their stakeholders and each other.

They act responsibly toward their employees, partners, communities and the environment.

They embrace the responsibility to create value for investors through their performance and reward accordingly.

Integrity – They will do what is right.

They are committed to be open, ethical, reliable and honest in their actions and behaviors.

Collaboration – one goal – one team.

They promote an environment in which all backgrounds are encouraged to share their perspectives and success is celebrated.

They partner with other, local communities, regulators, legislators and their stakeholders.

Agility – They anticipate and respond to internal and external changes.

They adapt and prosper in new and challenging situations.

They proactively are capitalizing on opportunities to improve and grow.

Corporate Governance

At this company, they are committed to serve their stakeholders with integrity and initiative in accordance with the policies and practices contained in the code of business conduct and ethics of this company. Their purpose and values embody this commitment and the other fundamental values that guide their performance each day – in the field and in the office. They measure their success by a number of factors, including the trust of their shareholders and their reputation in the market as a good corporate citizen.

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