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Macy’s is one of the leading department store chains in the US . It’s operations extend to over 40 states as well as in Guam, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. As such, Macy’s has a lot to offer when it comes to employment. The more than 800 department stores are constantly in need of employees that can dedicate their time to give the the Macy’s brand service to every customer. There is an estimated 171,000 people currently employed in this chain and the number is continuously growing. Macy’s online application is a complete guide from job openings to the steps to a successful hire. Macy’s ensures that not only customers have fun in their stores, but the employees as well. Bloomingdale’s is a sister company of Macy’s. Both are owned by Macy’s Inc. This big department store chain believes in building relationships for a fulfilling job that not only pays well but also challenges you well enough that you can grow and learn a lot. At Macy’s you can work while studying and earn extra money while making friends and enjoying your time at the work place. Opportunities come in waves in a big chain like this and once you’re on board, it’s best to do everything you can to step forward every time.

Jobs at Macy’s

From entry level to professional positions, Macy’s have a wide range of job availability. You can choose to work full time or part time depending on your schedule and commitments. Some job examples are assistant store manager, security officer, sales associate for different departments like children’, women’s, men’s and house ware. There are also often time openings for store managers in different store locations. To check the job that suits you, check their online application site  to find specific openings at the nearest department store in your area.

Minimun Age

Macy’s employ those who are at least 16 years old and older. Some states may allow employment from 14 years of age but they strictly follow the at least 16 years of age rule.

Operating Hours

The department stores of Macy’s have different opening and closing times depending on the day. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, store hours are from 10Am to 9PM. On Thursdays and Fridays, they are open from 10AM to 10PM. They open an hour earlier on Saturdays and close at the same time. For Sundays, store hours are from 11Am to 7PM. These schedules should provide quite a bit of flexibility for employees.

Most Common Positions

There are always openings for entry level positions at Macy’s. Full time administrative jobs as well as part time cashiers or sales associates for various products are also open to those who are hardworking and has customer service skills. Macy’s give full time training to their employees to promote better performance as well as advancement. It is not hard for anyone who is dedicated to his or her job to enter as a part time sales associate and become a full time assistant manager. Opportunities are always open and their personal development aid a lot of employees in advancing to the next level. The in-house training given by Macy’s also proves to a very important resource for career development for all employees.

Income at Macy’s

Earning at Macy’s start at $8 to $9 per hour for entry level positions. It varies as more responsibilities are given for a particular job description. Motivated employees could easily get their wages increased as they advance to upper level jobs. By submitting an application through them, you can get an idea of how much you can earn hourly or for a long term.

Macy’s Benefits

Working at Macy’s is seen as a career path for some because of the comprehensive benefits package the company offers. Those who get employed at Macy’s tend to stay for a long time working there because there are enough paid professional development trainings that could help every employee grow and get ready for higher positions. Part time employees enjoy flexibility in their working schedules as well as some other benefits suitable for them. As you grow with the company and become a full time professional level employee, you will start to get healthcare benefits, retirement plans as well as profit sharing options. Wellness programs are also offered to employees working full time at Macy’s. Start advancing your career by submitting an online application today.

Application Form for Macy’s

To start your online application for a job at Macy’s, copy the link below and paste it on your browser:

Submit a complete application form directly at the careers page and check out what positions you can apply for.

Tips on Applying at Macy’s

To improve your chances, fill out all the necessary information needed in the application form. Be sure not to leave any blanks as this could lessen your chances of getting hired. Make an impression by ensuring that you put your best effort in your application. There are many applicants submitting forms online and making sure that yours is complete and comprehensive will give you better chances against the rest.

Sell your strong points even if you are just submitting an application online. Try your best to showcase what you have so you can grab the attention of the hiring manager.

Improve your resume with the help of our online courses. Take the courses before submitting an application so that you can create an edge against your competition. Keep in mind that working at Macy’s is highly competitive because of the great benefits and compensation that the company offers to its employees. Show potential from the start so that the hiring manager will be able to see how far you want to go and grow with the company.

Once you’re confident enough that you have learned as much as you can through our online courses, you can start your online application process at Macy’s. Create a career with them and reap the great compensation and benefits that this department store chain across the United States has to offer.

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