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Choose your next adventure

At Scripps, they embrace adventure. It is intentionally part of their culture – providing a support structure of invaluable personal and professional rewards. Scripps is creating the future of the mobile media, television and the written word each day throughout the country. Here, your opportunities are as endless as your imagination and initiative.

About Scripps

This company is a leading company in media driven to develop and expand its digital strategies, at the same time embrace its rich history in delivery of quality journalism and creating valuable marketing environments. The company serves communities through television stations, newspapers and the company’s Washington office, and enriches the lives and the vocabulary of students through the company’s National Spelling Bee. Innovative, brilliant and dynamic employees are leading the way at 19 television stations in major cities. Communities are serving with shocking stories, research and dissemination through interactive newspapers in 13 markets. The company’s digital group is growing and gaining momentum with new product offerings, and technology improvements that give customers more choices than ever before to find the information and entertainment that they yearn for.

What you can discover

If you are interesting … and interested. Here, your ideas and opinions, you points of view are valued and respected, and your voice is heard. Even though you may be in disagreement, the thoughts and the contributions are valued. Each new discussion brings new perspectives and new discoveries.

Each employee brings different knowledge and experience and provides a different ability to their company. The company welcomes innovative ideas for new and long-term employees and is always looking for new experiences that make workers’ careers –and your new career–much richer and rewarding. The company’s employees are curious and analytical, have an array of interests and help their communities.

As an administrator of information you can learn and understand the meaning and responsibilities of the media to serve as a watchdog for their communities and celebrate the ethical decision-making in high esteem. They trust their employees–and trust their peers–to make the right decisions, not only for the viewers and readers, but also for the company.

They have designed their career center to help you discover more about the company, including their digital operations, TV stations, and newspapers, The Company’s National Spelling Bee, The Scripps Howard Foundation and the leaders of this great company.

As an employer of equal employment opportunities, the company does not discriminate in its employment decisions on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, gender, color, religion, age, genetic information, medical condition, disability, marital status, citizenship or nationality and military member or veteran status or any other basis that he would be in violation of any applicable federal, state or local law.

Does a career opportunity at Scripps interest you? Check out their list of recommended jobs at:

Your story is important to them

Based in the community storytelling is their passion. But the important stories of their success are those lived daily by their employees. Your personal story contributes to the special texture that makes us a valuable part of the communities they serve with pride.

Begin the next chapter in your story with Scripps.

Community Participation

You can help out the community in which you live by taking part in the following programs:

Voluntary donations

Employees and retirees of the company generously volunteer their time and talent to worthy charitable organizations in their communities. In collaboration with the Scripps Howard Foundation Institute, the program of voluntary donation makes it possible for employees and retirees to make up to $1,000 to the charitable organizations that support them.

Grants were awarded to projects and programs within the charitable organizations that improve the quality of life in the communities where the company’s employees and retirees give their time.

Education and philanthropy matching giveaway program

Recognizing the need for support of education and charity, the Scripps Howard Foundation Matching Gift program doubles the financial contributions of the employees and retirees of the company. Personal Gifts to academic institutions and organizations of literacy are matched dollar for dollar.

Start your search

Create /Access a new profile, log in or create your profile, start your job search, once you are logged in you can do the following: search for and apply to jobs, edit your profile, change your password, create job agents, search for jobs that you have applied to.

You will receive an email confirmation when they receive your profile and when you apply for a position. They will call you if they have questions about your background or interest in scheduling an interview.

The interview process is a test to determine if you are the best candidate for the open position. They completed background and all the candidates who receive an offer of employment must successfully pass a drug test.

These six competencies are behaviors that depend on all employees to succeed in their jobs and to make this company a successful organization.

Mission focused: demonstrate passion, courage and enthusiasm for the company’s mission, reflect the belief of the company in service to the community, nurture commitment to a common vision and core values, place high value on ethics, integrity and respect for others, places needs of the organization before personal objectives/agenda.

Broad discernment: view and maintain a long-term vision, realistic, great picture view, balancing short- and long-term needs of the company, consider a wide range of issues and factors – despite the ambiguity – when it comes to making decisions, carry the company through transition and change and recognize what creates economic value.

Creativity: comfortably navigate in an environment where the results depend on factors that are intangible and invisible, create and foster a culture that has ingenuity in high esteem, operate in a way that is both courageous and without ego when looking for the best ideas, fostering an environment that promotes entrepreneurship and prudent risk-taking and inspire the organization to lead and act on the basis of the ideas that help the mission advance.

Communication: Listen well, instead of reacting immediately, to better understand, communicate clearly, concisely and articulately in speech and writing, people treated with respect regardless of state or divergent views, maintain calm in situations of stress, promotes an environment that embraces the open communication and transparent communication and promotes an atmosphere of collaboration.


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