Top 10 Web Browsers – Pick Pours Today

Internet is a big part of us. We can find everything on the internet, from different information up to social networks, games, movies and so on. Ultimately, it means that we are addicted in a way or another to technology.

We are tackling everything with the help of technology. Forgotten are the days when we literally would have written a letter with the pen. Now, we send mails. We even have the possibility of keeping in touch with the dear ones, who are in other countries, with the aid of other applications.

However, this is not the point, just some aberrations. In today’s article, you will be presented with the most popular browsers. You probably already know what a browser is and what it can do, but for those who do not, I will offer a brief presentation.

Browsers are nothing more than software applications. They are extremely helpful as they are those applications that display files, lots of them in the entire world. These files consist of videos, music, information of all kinds and so on.


The newest and updated browsers can even display things as HTML pages, AJAX, JavaScript. There are various browsers out there. There are browsers for mobiles, games or the most important ones are the browsers for web applications.

So, we talked too much so far. Let’s see the list with the most popular 10 browsers from 2012. 

10. Avant Browser

This browser is similar with Internet Explorer. It has an advanced zoom option that goes up to 500%, tabbed browsing, excellent search result, a similar speed with IE8 and it can even block pop ups ads. Pretty good browser. However, there are others even better than this.

9. DeepNet Explorer

This browser is capable to support built-in RSS/ATOM news reader and it was the first browser that actually fully integrated P2P file sharing capabilities. An excellent choice, from my point of view, but…

8. SeaMonkey

This browser is a magnificent one. It can support a great number of excellent features as news group client, HTML pages, IRC chat, advanced e- mail and so on.

7. Rocketmelt

As well as SeaMonkey, this one also supports lots of helpful features such as website updates, instant search or sharing, alert from favorite website, bookmark and so on. The best part is that you will get to chat with your friends all the time due to the fact that Facebook messenger is integrated into this browser.

6. Maxhton

This browser is a Chinese one. It has lots of features as drag and drop. The main characteristic of this browser is that it is extremely secure. However, it is not very fast, which puts it in an honorable sixth position in this list.

5. Apple Safari

This browser is used mostly on mobiles and tabs. Developed by Apple, this browser is extremely appreciated by iPhones’ users. It supports different features such as enhanced keyboard navigation, smart address field, HTML and so on. Also, you can use it on Windows operating systems as Vista/XP/7 or even 8.

4. Opera

This is a highly secure and popular browser. Extremely popular amid mobiles and tablets’ users. Lots of features as page synchronization, easy share of different files as videos, music and so on. It also has a very charming design.

3. Internet Explorer


The third position from this list belongs to the famous Internet Explorer Browser. It is a very secure browser and because of this lots of people recommend it to be used for opening bank accounts or things like this. One of the best browsers.

2. Mozilla Firefox


This browser is an excellent one. It has lots of useful features, it is highly secure and fast. It will offer you packages of benefits as privacy control, multi tab browser and pop up blocking. Grease Monkey will offer you the opportunity of easily fulfill different tasks.

1. Google Chrome


Finally, the best, most popular and safest browser ever. Google Chrome offers a faster performance of web browsing. It is fully packed with all sorts of useful features. Its design  is spectacular and the technological performance is amazing. It is the favorite browser of lots of users.

Now, you see which are the best browsers of 2012. I assume that nothing changed in 2013. The list is more than probably the same, as all browsers come with something new again.

:::UPDATE::: You definitely would want to see the new FireFox Aurora – it’s awesome!


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2 Responses

  1. Shawn says:

    Well I personally still use internet explorer because the latest version is quick and superior to any other browser. Yes, your choice of Chrome will be my second choice as Mozilla has slipped down the rankings quite recently.

    I guess it is down the the software and apps that people run with their browsers, which affects their choice right?

  2. Jane says:

    To me it is all about browser speed – and the screen not freezing. The best feature off course that we find with Chrome, is the built in translator and so forth. Personally I rate Chrome to be the best browser. Firefox almost took the stage – but Google has outsmarted it with the latest version of Chrome.