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A trending topic on Obama, Iran, Israel and possible war, a hot debate amongst all political scientists.

The Political Thought: A Feminist Theory This is a free course offered by MIT which examines the development of the feminist theory over time. Topics covered in the course include suffrage and equality; radical feminism; psychoanalysis and feminism; theories of power; sexuality and gender; embodied knowledge; pornography; identities and global feminism; militarism; and the welfare state. 

Political Thought: An Introduction The course is offered freely by MIT. Here Prof. Sarah Song examines major texts in the history of political thought and the questions that the students raise to enable them to understand the strengths and weaknesses of various regimes.

The political Thought: American Theory This course offered by MIT surveys the American political thought from the colonial era to the present. The topics that students cover throughout the course includes Topics include the relationship between religion and politics, rights, federalism, national identity, republicanism versus liberalism, the relationship of subordinated groups to mainstream political discourse, and the role of ideas in politics.

American Political Process: An Introduction This is an undergraduate course offered freely by MIT and instructed by Prof. Gabriel Lenz. At the end of the course the students will have gained basic introduction to the basics of institutions of American government. The students are also required to write at least a 20paged article.



Congress and the American Political System I Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers this course online at no cost. The course focuses on both the internal processes of the House and Senate and on the place of Congress in the American political system.  The students are however advised to indulge in further reading and individual research.

American Democracy and Public Opinion  Massachusetts Institute of Technology provides this free course to interested students who examine public opinion and assess its place in the American political system.

The Causes and Prevention of War The course is offered free of charge by MIT to interested undergraduate students online but also open to graduate students. The course aims at discovering and assessing the means of prevention and control of war. The historical cases covered include the Peloponnesian and Seven Years wars, World War I, World War II, Korea, the Arab-Israel conflict, and the U.S.-Iraq and U.S. al-Qaeda wars.

Defense Politics The course is offered free of charge to both undergraduate and graduate students. Here Prof. Harvey Sapolsky focuses on the on the institutional relationships that affect the raising, maintenance and use of military forces in the United States.

International Politics and Climatic Change The course offered by MIT facilitated by Prof. Nazli Choucri covers the interconnections of international politics and climate change. The course concludes by addressing the question of: “What Next?”

Comparative Politics: An Introduction The MIT offers this course freely to any interested students online by first offering some basic analytical framework which they can use to examine a wide range of political outcomes. 

Democracy/Regime Change: The Rise and Fall In this course by MIT, Prof. Chappell Lawson discusses with the students the “real stuff” of political science these include Coups, civil wars, revolutions, and peaceful transitions. The course also includes shorter discussions of democratization in Spain, South Africa, and South Korea; as well as democratic collapse in Brazil, Austria, and Italy.

World Politics: Ethnicity and Race The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers this course freely to any interested students facilitated by Prof. Melissa Nobles. the course begins with an introduction to dominant theoretical approaches to racial and ethnic identity. It then considers these approaches in light of current events in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the United States.


German Politics: An Introduction This is a free course presented by Andreas Busch of Oxford University. Here, Andreas provides students with a series of videos on iTunes that the students can stream or even download.

Political Philosophy: An Introduction This course is offered freely by Yale University by Prof. Steven B. Smith. Here Prof. Steven presents videos that were recorded as he was shares his views on the course with his students. The course is an introduction to political philosophy as seen through an examination of some of the major texts and thinkers of the western political tradition.

Politics and Strategy Here Kathleen Bawn, a lecturer at UCLA presents a set of videos that were recorded as he shared and taught the course previously to students.

Politics: The Moral Foundations This is a course offered by Yale University by Prof. Ian Shapiro. The course involves videos of the Prof. Ian as he lectured the course previously.

Studying International Politics Here James Morrison a lecturer at Middlebury College presents audio MP3 file  accompanied by slides of the course content that are available for students to download free of charge.

Political Theory: A History In this course, Wendy Brown a lecture at University of California presents videos of the course that were recorded at the time they were taught as she shared with her students.