is a Persian website, which is hosted in the United States of America. This wonderful site provides quite a variety of services but as the name hints, its majorly free Persian blogging services. This website averagely receives about 9.3 million distinct visitors every single day. If it were a market with physical geographical premise, you can only imagine its size. This translates to about five thousand dollars per day.

If a search by Alex Traffic is to go by, is currently ranked 144th in the world with o.592% of global internet users visiting it. Furthermore, Google ranks it 6th in the world behind the likes of,, and This massive website can be linked without any ado via a certain IP address.







To access this wealth or data you have to create an account with, you have to be fully in one accord with their terms and conditions. You then log in into your account and it launches to into a diverse interface of numerous links and blogs, you can then choose at will what exactly you would like to browse at your own peril. Self-service, I say! Services is a phantom site that gives you the best offer when it comes to social profiles; it enables you to connect to the vibrant social sites such as Facebook and twitter.

With almost every imaginable information now present in the internet, it’s proving quite challenge to filter and limit what youngsters should or shouldn’t access in the net. Good heavens! is very safe for family use. It helps you mark only what’s relevant and ideal for family use, every other crap is filtered off.

The site also allows you to mark and save search terms for later use. This is very ideal when one is conducting a research and would like to save selected sites for future reference. This is besides providing you with a varied field of search as it has icons for images, maps, blogs and news.; your city never sleeps.

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