56.com is considered to be a market place for entertainment. This popular domain is used for advertising news and movies in the form of video clips. There are over a thousand films that are highlighted each day on this site,and all you have to do is click on the one that attracts you most. Some of the footages are films while others are soap operas, which are very popular in China. The site is much more similar to YouTube, although 56.com content is written in Chinese. It is easy to find any Chinese clip that you are looking under this domain. Another great advantage bout using this site is the fact that, you can find clips that are estimated for different durations. The only major challenge for this website is that it targets only the Chinese, and you must be familiar with the Chinese language for you to cope with the domain.


The features of 56.com

56.com can be accessed anywhere in the world, and you do not need to be a member for you to participate in the domain. Below are some of the incredible features that are available on 56.com and why it is preferred by most Chinese:

  • The layout of the website composes of thumbnails that highlight each and every clip that is available on the site. Each clip has a preference of what it is about and how long the clip is in terms of duration.
  • The site also highlights the number of views for each clip and its feedback.
  • There is also a search forum on top of the site which you can use to seek other videos.
  • 56.com also gives you the privilege of downloading video clips from the domain.
  • This website is customized for general audience both the young and the old. Kids have access to cartoon clips, while adults can look forward to latest movies and music.

What the future holds for this website.

56.com could become the next YouTube if a few changes are made starting with the language. Most users are limited in usage when it comes to this site due to language preference. However, the domain has secured its position in the market industry by being reliable for Chinese classic movies.

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