Aol is one of the world’s largest multinational all-round website. Almost any imaginable information is at well saved in this site. Certainly, it gives Wikipedia a run in terms of information. Located in Broadway New York, 10003(2012)206-4400 is currently a giant in terms of curated library of premium video and home of entertainment. the whole town is on it. Where are you?

Indeed the question in its logo as above is definitely enticing and luring, but just how exactly do you maneuver through the site?

Well it’s a piece of cake: website does not require rocket science to navigate. Once you launch the web-search by editing the URL (, the results will give a variety of options. Once you sign up with the sign you automatically log in, this ushers you into and interface with very many options and links, among them are: search, news, A-Z, help and trending.

What services does offer?

Without a grain of salt, this phantom site probably has the largest variety of services and its very relevant to almost everyone who has access to the net.

News: not only does deliver intensive news on sports, weather, entertainment, politics and business but it also has special icon for local forecast. Today, you can sure access news, movies, and more that is trending around your town.

Free online music: enables you listen to over 200 amazing radio stations around the world with diverse genres.

Trends: you can learn of every current trend in terms of fashions, entertainment, weather, sports, quotes, celebrity grapevine, and movies. You can also use the link to add access and export or share your favorite files.

Free email address: With this site, you can get free addresses through the link

Research: as hinted before, this site is great knowledge bank; all you have to do is to launch a search on any topic.


There a number of applications, that is compatible website. They have links and URLs that enables you to view and manage your account. These applications are; Aol on, angadget, mapallest, moviefone. You can also install a desktop version of on your computer. the whole city is on it. Where are you?

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