Every day a man’s brain is debriefed with a number of questions and problems. From education to legal advice, from mystery to fiction, from diseases to marriage stuff, we just need lightning-fast answers! So, stop goggling around, come to! It’s simple, fast, and accurate like heaven.


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Background (originally known as Ask Jeeves) is a question answering-focused web and a search engine founded in 1996 by Garrett Gruener and David Warthen in Berkeley, California. Since it started, it just piled up a revolution in the history of internet. If getting perfect answers makes you happy, then is the best fit for you.

The original idea behind Ask Jeeves was to allow users to get superb answers to questions posed daily and offer decent guidance to technical and scientific problems. All thanks to the modern, today it provides all round support and free conversation to students who want of drink from the calabash of knowledge.

The team is well organized to handle any question. A well-dedicated team will scratch out answers and respond to your satisfaction. No matter what you throw at them, they surely handle it proficiently! It seems a good number of people just prefer asking questions the old school way. And, they hate the idea of receiving mind-bogging answers – not even a list of blue links, which just leads them to more misery!

Why site is has a Q&A community, which surely takes the largest share on the site. Users from all over the globe will give you their advice regarding queries. Moreover, the simple and friendly layout allows quicker acquaintance with the site. It does not give irrelevant stuff that just blows your time.

Expect videos, images and latest news conferring to your query. It’s a wonderful experience for a user to get their voice heard. Otherwise, you have to go from a queue of sites to get to your destination. provides a vital source of information with minimum delay.

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So, what are you waiting for?

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