is the number one search engine used in China. It was incorporated in the year 2000 and has its headquarters in the Baidu Campus in Beijing. is not just as search engine to find web pages but also audio and image files. Aside the search, the website offers 57 other services that include community services like Baidu Baike and a discussion forum. Baidu Baike, is more like an online encyclopedia built based on the collaboration of many members.
Chinese Search Engine the best search engine in Chinese was the creation of Robin Li and Eric Xu. They are both Chinese students who went to study abroad before coming back to their country. Ever since its creation, has grown in popularity and by 2012 the site was ranked 5th overall in the Alexa Internet rankings.

By the end of 2010, it was estimated that Baidu had a market share of 56.6%. As at now, has indexed over 740 million pages, 80 million images and 10 million multimedia files. People can rely on the website to search for mp3 music and movies. The company is also the first to offer WAP and PDA based mobile search. It has a low cost smartphone in the market called Changhong H5018.

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