is essentially a destination on the web where users can create content through blogging and have unlimited free space. It is owned by Google and has a special relationship with adsense. Since it’s inception, it has been hugely popular as users who own or other Google services, can log into blogger from the same dashboard.


Here is what is interesting about

1. Publishers on Blogger can link up an adsense account, monetizing it quickly,
2. is used for linkwheel creation in order to enhance the web,
3. The template options mean that users need no experience in web design, it is an off the shelve but free solution,
4. Only China and Russia has an effective product, able to compete with Blogger, all other countries seems to be using as the preferred method of having a space on the web.
The review of the free website blog seems to be conclusive: That it is well placed on the web, with a great design and enough flexibility to get some of the biggest brands involved in contributing. It is responsive in it’s design and is unlikely to be surpassed by other services anytime soon.
Considering the variety of Google options available, this is indeed a useful addition which will captivate an audience for some time to come. Innovation rating: 10/10.

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