History of

Conduit is an online stage that allows web publishers to make custom toolbars, website applications, and mobile apps at zero charges. This site has roughly two hundred and sixty thousand registered publishers who have jointly created content downloaded by more than two hundred and fifty million end-users. The contents including Web apps and pieces of content created through Conduit’s platform can be circulated and swapped online thru the Conduit App Marketplace. Presently, on a daily basis 60 million users use applications from the conduit’s marketplace

Overview of

Conduit is situated in Ness Ziona, Israel with prime offices in Foster City, CA. Presently, the firm has over four hundred staffs. It was  formally backed by $9.5 million from Yozma Group and Benchmark Capital, but the current reports state the company’s evaluation is almost $1.3 billion. Other estimations have placed the company worth as high as $2.5 billion. Report also states that conduit is the largest internet company in Israel. The cofounders have specified that they object on keeping the headquarters in Israel as the company develops. Conduit was ranked position twenty-four on the Business Insider 2012 Digital 100.

What makes different from its rivals?

1. It is located in Israel, thus benefiting from a huge population

2. It has search engine capabilities on par with Google and Yahoo

3. serves as a gaming platform to the Israel community

4. With more than 400 employees and a market share of almost $2.5 Billion, this is an entity poised for astronomic acquisitions and growth.

5. With the tight competition, Conduit was ranked position twenty-four on the Business Insider 2012 Digital 100.

Conduit Mobile

Though Conduit’s focus was originally on linking publishers with end users through the browser, the firm has meanwhile introduced a cross-platform mobile development kit that permits users to create native and web mobile apps for all major smartphone platforms and iPad. Conduit Mobile has added many new features to the creation that are targeted towards musicians. At first Conduit’s associates, provide their applications and use of the app-creation platform to users at no cost, but call for a percentage of the advertising revenue generated from applications created with its software.

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