is basically a spyware that although appears as an authentic search engine but is actually a distrustful browser add-on which can be linked to a number of dangerous and possibly unwelcome browser extensions. Most of the users don’t even notice using this risky browser due to its similarity to the Google browser, since both the browsers, at the top of the page, have a black toolbar. can find its way in your PC by a number of ways and means as it can come hidden along with some downloaded software or shareware. It can get installed on your PC with the help of Trojan, when one clicks on simple icons displaying deceiving pop-up ads that might look like usual Windows notifications. can hijack your browser, change system files, monitor your Internet browsing activities, change your system’s desktop. And all this can be done without your consent or even knowledge. That is why it is strongly suggested to eliminate any traces of from your system. How to remove the spyware?

A purchasable tool known as SpyHunter removal tool is used to remove the spyware. It can be detected by freeware tool named SpyHunter detection tool. This tool scans and assists in the detection of on a computer. is difficult to remove since it cannot be removed with the help of “uninstall” feature. If you try to uninstall it with this feature, it can very well re-install itself.

It is always recommended to use a reputed spyware remover to get rid-off such spywares along with Trojans etc., since it might damage your computer as a lot many sensitive and important files need to be searched and deleted from your system.

However if you don’t want to buy the remover for spyware then one can wipe out this manually. You can follow the instructions given on manual and go through the removal method.

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