Founded in August 7, 2000 by Mathew Stephens, Angelo Sotira, Scott Jarkoff among others, connects people who took computer software and modified them to their desires.

Initiated as a showcase for artwork, has gained popularity due to its unique provisions and funding by its majority member base and people who are willing to help the idea grow. In 2001 about eight months after its launch the site was consolidated.

November 14, 2006 the site offered its users the opportunity to submit what they had to offer in one of its several public copyright licenses, which gives room for the distribution of copyrighted works. September 30, 2007 a video category was introduced which allowed artist to post videos where the artist can add commentaries about the video and other visitors to the site can also add critiques and commentaries about the film. On March 1, 2013, Rainbow S. acquired the site to produce with the internet series: infinity.


What about

The site hosts more than 256 million photos that have been posted by more than 28 million users. As per July 2011, the site was the biggest web based art platform. allows users to leave comments and critiques on a distinct deviation page giving room for the site to be called a peer evaluation application. Why is the site useful?

Within the critique, provides room for posting small image as a comment. This is achieved by the introduction of deviantART Muro, that is an internet based imaging tool that the site has come up with and manages. It is easy and has eight free brushes available for public use though only users can save their work as deviations. The other characteristic of Muro is “Redaw” which keeps account of the users as they draw their pictures, and then the user can upload the whole process as a video deviation. The site is well linked with other social site like Facebook and twitter where, with a list of statistical information about a photo, place of the one posted and the comments.

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