is a media delivery platform that was created in July 2012 under the ownership of one Gunggo and registered at a domain registrar and Webhosting Company, and located in Virginia, Ashburn.

Network size and accessibility. is one of the largest ad networks easily accessed through the internet. It has among the largest web traffic, according to Alexa, a web information is accessed by simply keying one of a number of keywords. These keywords include directrev, among other similar entries. The search alone provided the network 0.6% visits of the total number of visits it gets.

Majority of the visits are as a result of redirecting and clicks on links. Most people visiting the network access links like, and others just immediately before accessing

 How it works works by putting pop-under and banners onto websites and displaying pop-ups on web browsers. This ensures many of internet users get to see and if interested have a look at adverts it carries out. This the network tries as much as possible to obtain prior permission from the websites before adding its banners and pop-under.

Why pays for every pop-under and banner it puts onto a website.  This can make a good source of revenue for websites aiming at getting revenue. The website pays upto 80 cent ecpm for banners and between 2 -4 dollars for every pop-under. Good money isn’t it?

Also, it is linked to some of the highest ranki8ng websites like ranked at position 5 globally,  at 123, at position 390 among several other websites summing  up to a total of  900 website linked to it.

It also has subdomains that ensure ease in access to areas of interest to individual hence e the sub-domains are the likes of,, among others.

Direct rev. com is also ranked among the fastest websites since it is capable of loading at an amazing speed  considered to be faster than 77% of all websites.

With all these benefits, doesn’t deserve a visit?

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