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Dropbox.com is probably the largest cloud storage site worldwide. This facility developed by Drew Houston allows its users to freely store files online and access them at their own peril. It has had its premises in San Francisco city since inception in 2007.










How it works

Dropbox.com allows its subscribers to create a very special kind of file. This file is unique in the sense that it’s created in one computer from which dropbox synchronizes it so that it appears to be the same folder with same contents regardless of which computer is used to retrieve it. These file can be accessed either through the website or through phone applications.

The magnitude of subscribers this facility hosts is particularly tantalizing, as per February 2013 it was hosting slightly more than 100 million users. This statistics translates to 0.29% of the world’s internet bandwidth.

Getting started

This is relatively a walk in the park. Once you sign up for the account, you log in and read the user license, terms and conditions of which you definitely need to go by if you are sober about proceeding. It’s rather vital to know that Breeching these terms is might make you loathe consequences so it’s really important to keep the rules and maintain a clean sheet even as you use dropbox.com

Benefits of dropbox.com

Dropbox is integrated with many social sites like Facebook; this enables you to share your file directly from dropbox to these sites. Even more to smile about is that most smart phones-hones have an in build dropbox icon that enables you to automatically upload pictures and videos prom your phone or SD card directly to dropbox.

Its add-on features also allow the user to edit there files, create galleries from folders of images and prepare spreadsheets and presentations online.

Talking about dropbox.com would not be exhaustive until we mention that this amazing website supports quite a number of operating systems, among them Microsoft windows, mac OS, Linux, android, IOS and blackberry OS. This is besides owning the relict and distinguished mail app; mailbox.

dropbox.com; simplify your life.

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