If you typed feesbook on the search engine, you are probably looking for the biggest social network in the world. Indeed Feesbook.com is the platform that allows billions of people to connect via the computer. The website has been so ingeniously designed that it is really easy to keep in touch with friends.


The most popular social site

Feesbook.com: the most popular social site

The social giant provides each user with a news feed where he can share his status update and that status update is displayed on the home feed where all the friends can read it. Because of this design, it is easy to keep in touch with classmates. This explains why the platform has become so popular and today there are millions of users constantly browsing the network, looking for new friends or reconnecting with older ones.

Feesbook.com just announced a new feature that allows users to upload pictures on a shared album. This implies that whenever you go to an event, you are guaranteed to have access to all the pictures that were taken there so far as your friends are willing to upload theirs on the shared album. If you don’t have an account yet, this is the time, it is never too late to join the party.

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