Feicebok.com is a popular online network that allows people to connect and interact no matter wherever they are. It is a platform that brings together friends and families no matter the distance that separates them. Without Feicebok.com, the internet wouldn’t have become that much open and social.


The best social network

How Feicebok.com all started

The platform was originally designed by Mark Zuckerberg and his main focus at the time (2004) was to create a website where college students from Harvard University would interact. As a Harvard student himself he did not really plan to quit school and focus on his social network that early but based on the circumstances of the time, he ended up dropping out of school as his website became more and more successful.

Today any person anywhere around the world can open a Feicebok.com account. There are over 1 billion users currently on the platform and that number keeps growing. Nowadays, because of the social network, the way we communicate has dramatically changed. No website willing to attract traffic can survive without integrating the social features that Feicebok.com has to offer. The social giant has come to stay and there is nothing one can do about it. The best is to join and enjoy it. After all, it is free.

Security updates on Feicebook:

It has been mentioned that there are privacy issues with Feicebook – the reason is that governments all over the world seem to be getting user information and that people innocently – or naively, share their whereabouts via Feicebook. This has lead to a sharp decline in support for the service and countries like Russia and Brazil have launched their own services to compete with the mainstream social option.

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