Google is the best search engine in the market today. This is because it offers a lot of services to its users and also great features as well. Google also offers a one stop service on all technical features which include; iCloud, Google news, Google YouTube and many others. All these features are easily accessible to any user in the world. However, even though this is the case, to access this features and services, one has to register except when it comes to using Google to search for particular information or watch some of the YouTube videos. Moreover, their greatest features that make Google one of the best websites is the ability to give different users the ability to search for anything using their own language or a certain language they prefer.


Google. It is an Italian Google website that offers everything on the website in Italian language. This makes the website very popular to Italians and any other person who understands the language very well. Through this website, users are guaranteed to get different features and services to its users.

What makes google. it the best?

  • The website offers a lot of other services which include iCloud, Google news and others
  • It is easy for users to navigate through the website.
  • Through the website, users are guaranteed to get quality information online
  • The website has a very simple and easy to understand interface

What is next for Google?

Well, by looking at the features and services offered by this website, there is no doubt that this website has a great future. This is because; the website has continuously gained popularity ever since the day it started. Moreover, since Google has been involved in creating other technological software like android, it simply means that the website has a great future ahead.

Features that google. it offers

This website offers several features to its users. Some of these features include:-

  • Simple to use interface
  • Very easy for people to understand and navigate through the website
  • The website offers several services like Gmail, Google drive, YouTube and others which are easily accessible

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