Google Polska (

When you talk about search engines, Google is the first thing that would come to your mind. Google Polska is a search engine made by Google, especially for Porland speaking users. can be used by the user to access an extremely vast stock of information that are available on the internet.


Google Polska

Google – bringing you information from all over the world (wide web). Welcome to the gates of the virtual world of information

Giant IT enterprise Google opened its Polish branch in 2005. Google’s already well known status made it immediately popular to Polish speaking people as it was now easier to conduct online search.

Google’s popularity lies in the fact that it is a rather smart search engine. is able to read instructions in Polish language and conduct the search accordingly. It also takes imperative commands that can be given by inputting a keyword. Site Linking has over 46178 sites linking to its domain; this is mainly brought about by the faster downloading speed of the site. With Alexa’s rank of 134313, the site stands out as a decent destination for all age cahoots.

The site is ideal for educational and business ideas that you have ever come across all your life.

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For one to look for the weather in Cairo, you could type Cairo pogoda (weather in polish) and you will have the weather on the screen of your computer along with advanced options which let you study weather patterns and history.

Using Google needs no instructions at all due to its easy to use interface and lack of advertisements. It can be said that almost every single present internet user has once in their life gone through a Google search, making Google the second most visited website after Facebook.

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