Hootsuite is an all in one management console – very similar to Cyfe, which enables the user to track all of their social activities from one location. Users may ask what is the need for such an application? Well: As most of our students in the multi media sector would have learned: There is now at least 12 popular social media utilities, ranging from Pinterest, Facebook, SiteTrail, Youtube, Digg, to Reddit! Thus, it would have been incredibly time consuming to log into each service individually to monitor activities. Hootsuite is indeed far ahead of all it’s competitors and the market is yet to see a service which can rival this evolving piece of innovation.

Hootsuite.com the answer to full integration:

Moving into social media marketing and interaction, developers and marketers want a quick solution which will save them time and money – and promote ultimate efficiency. This is where hootsuite comes in.


Need to monitor statistics on visitors?

Need to take care of reputation online quickly?

Need to see what the competition is doing?

Then try hootsuite!

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Grab the Hootsuite App today and speed up all the benefits of using the service.


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