When it comes to Games, IGN.com is a first class service and first stop for many users around the web, this is so because of it’s vast network of information. From players to developers, IGN is the place to go.


Just what are the best features of IGN.com?




IGN Reviews: Here players can find the best games by reading thorough star rated reviews, thus saving a lot of time – remember the old days when you played 10 games to find one good one? No more! The IGN review can help with that.

Previews: Before buying premium games, why not take a look first in IGN and see what the game is about?

Codes: The endless quest for customization of games is answered through a set of codes one can access via IGN’s help area.


Contests: IGN.COM is the sort of site where users can get lucky! Take part in a contest and win.

Releases: To find out what about the latest games in the marketplace, users can visit this area.

Gamestore: If you’d like to buy a gift for someone, or just a new game – this can be done at IGN too.

Go to IGN today – you might want to play super sonic, mario bros, angry birds or whatever is the latest and the greatest in the online games world – IGN.COM is the place to be.

More news announcements for IGN to follow shortly. Keep in touch and enjoy your course!


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