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Being the world dominated by the social media, many do exchange or share photos through sites such as; facebook or twitter thus there are different applications being used to download these photos.  The common one is Instagram, which is one of the most popular mobile photo apps to download. If you look keenly at the photo, which is downloaded through, the photo will look like a very elegant vintage applied to it.

Those who possess or own an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch always find it very easy since, instagram acts as a great tool to help uncover their inner skills of photography.

What Is Instagram?

Instagram is one way of sharing your fun with a friend or family.  One can even share his photos Facebook or Twitter through It is one new easy way of seeing the world. Rocking the smartphone

The Instagram is currently available only for Apple and Android devices. A windows Phone or a blackberry may not work out for you.

Creating an Account on Instagram

You have to create an account before you start using Instagram since this not only a photo app but also a very popular social network. You only require a username and a password. Social media site

Just like other common social networks e.g. Facebook or Twitter, one is able to share and exchange photos via

The “Feed” section allows users to share photos and create followers. You can press “Like” on any photo to let someone know that you admire their photos and leave comments too. account

After you have created the Instagram account and downloaded the photos you want to use, you can open the app up and snap a picture. Using the “share” button, press the camera icon to snap a photo.

Your Instagram photos can be automatically posted to your social networks if you configure your Instagram account to have photos posted on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr or sent by email.

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