If you’ve typed the keyword kashatnka.com, you are probably looking for the 1887 book from the Russian Anton Chekhov which tells the story of a dog who got lost and found back by his owner. The name of the dog was kashatnka and it is a female dog.


A book from Anton Chekhov

Kashatnka.com: book narrating the story of a dog

The book “Kashatnka” is divided into 7 parts. It narrates the experiences of a fox-faced, eponymous heroine which happens to be a reddish dachshund-mix. Her name means ‘little chestnut’. The pet hated listening to music and that led to her moving away from her original owner who happened to be a carpenter. The dog eventually ended up in the mix of intelligent animals trained for the circus by a an unusual vaudevillian.

If you are used to Chekhov’s work, you will not be surprised to notice how the events unfold in this story where different scenes of life are put together in an emotional context. As usual, there are no great villain nor heroes this story. Each individual in the play has his own qualities and weaknesses. All the events in the book take place around the dog who is recognized as a rather pleasant pet. This book is just a pleasure to read and if you have not yet got your copy, this is the time. It would be a great gift for a student.

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