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Odnoklassniki is a word in Russian language, meaning Classmates. Odnoklassniki.ru is a social network service for classmates and old friends. It is widespread in Russia and former Soviet Republics. A Russian, Albert Popkov on March 4, 2006, developed the site

The website now popular that it currently claims more than 148 million registered users and 33 million daily unique visitors. The minimum age for users is seven years old to make an account and access the site. Odnoklassniki presently has an Alexa Internet traffic ranking of fifty-eight worldwide and seven for Russia.

The site has been online for a span of at least eight years. It is particularly popular among users in Kyrgyzstan, where it is ranked number four and Armenia where it ranks number five.

The server that hosts odnoklassniki.ru is situated in Moscow, Russian Federation. The programming language used on odnoklassniki.ru is Java and the main language used for the site’s textual content is Russian.

Importance of Odnoklassniki

There are numerous social networking sites today, among the popular ones are Facebook, twitter and Odnoklassniki. However, did you know how important Odnoklassniki is?

1. Keeping in touch


By maintaining a profile on Odnoklassniki, your loved fellows, friends, and relatives don’t have to call frequently to stay in touch. One can easily post messages, images and personal videos of their choice for their friends. The process is cheap, fast and real time technology available to everybody.

2. Job chasing

Several firms all over the world are taking advantage of Odnoklassniki to get competent employees. Conversely, job applicants use these sites to post their resume and credentials. It is a superb tool that one can use in order to make a good impression to a company.

3. Emergency

Thousands of persons have been saved using social networking sites. Odnoklassniki has been a great instrument for many to convey messages to thousands of anxious citizens in a snap in times of disaster and natural catastrophes. People who seek finance pulling and donation can use Odnoklassniki site to call unto generous individuals.

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