The site is a free web based resource which helps developers to stay ahead of the latest trends in PHP web technology. Users can easily access help files which will enable them to develop a better understanding in such a technical environment.

A Better understanding of the language (PHP) will enable web developers to move rapidly and stay ahead.


Just what is PHP then?

It is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML – in order to understand PHP, Myfreecoursesonline would recommend several free courses from top Universities.

Our tech portal for IT enthusiasts can be accessed here.

The current versions of PHP includes the following:

Version 5.52

Version 5.419

Version 5.53

Currently most developers in India, the USA and worldwide would use versons above 5, in order to stay current and keep web security tight.

What our users say about PHP:

“It is useful as a CIW certified webmaster to also know PHP, in fact I cannot imagine doing much without it these days. would be a useful resource or at least a starting point.”

“In order to improve the web at the right speed, PHP has provided a fundamental cornerstone, doing more PHP courses which are available free in a shared environment with good forums is the way forward. ” 



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