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by LoicSeptember 6, 2013 is the first portal website in Poland. It is the most visited and most popular in the country. The website offers citizens of Poland hundreds of thematic services including news, finance, sports, culture and TV programs. It is also the website where most Polish host their email. Students in Poland always make sure to visit to get the latest updates on what is going on in the country.
Polish online portal the best portal site in Poland

We know that the Internet today is dominated by websites in the English language so it is not that easy for people speaking other languages to find the information that they need. fills the gap for Polish people by giving them a chance to get informed in their own language. They can even create an account on the website and make use of the email service available. is also the platform where Polish users can post their classified advertisement for any second hand product they are trying to find a buyer for. Aside that users can find information related to the weather, games, and astrology.

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