A global market

Rakuten is japan-based online shopping mall. This amazing ‘virtual’ market was founded and actualized by one honorable Hiroshi Mikitani. Talking of online hypermarkets would not be intensive without a mention of rakuten. The term rakuten simply means optimism, many may not fathom how a market that according 2010 groups annual research shows to have sold 95 millionpr4oducts from 40000 merchants, well that’s bravo and it’s all about optimism.

Furthermore, Forbes magazine lists it as the ninth most innovative company on earth! Indeed its greatness cannot be over -emphasized.


Getting started

Just how does this site work? I guess that was exactly what you could be asking yourself. Its as easy as a b c.  They phenomena is amazingly simple; you launce your search on browser using the URL www.rakuten.co.sp/ and it logs you into the coveted site. Its relatively very easy to navigate through the site based on the available icons and pictorials. The site gives you a number of options, among them: ‘special offers’, ‘fashion’, electronics’, beauty and health’, ‘sports’ and ‘food and drinks’. By clicking on the category from which you would like to choose from you can purchase the products.


Among the multitude of services offered by rakuten are,

Hotel and tourism: pondering how an hotel or game parks can exist in a website, rakuten website can make for you arrangements on how you can to travel to various tourism destinations in japan and this is besides booking your hotel rooms and many other services in the hotel industry.  Over 2000 Japanese hotels and ryokans are registered with rakuten.

Auction: this mega-business site definitely has no limits. Its carries out auctions of commodities of all calibers.

Banking: rakuten banking services include offering personal consumer credit services, car loans and mortgages, and even much more.

Entertainment: this website also trade in electronic media which is the heart of entertainment. This is in form of music files, movies, online games and most interesting bit is that its hosts hundreds of online video clubs.

Portal and media: it manages portal sites acting as gateways to the internal and performing other activities.

Securities: rakuten provides online security services.

Thinking of buying any japan-manufactured product? Please go rakuten and a guarantee you no regrets.

 ‘Shopping is entertaining’

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