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Many people are always asking themselves when stumbleupon was established. Yes, it was in 7 November 2007 by a group of four people namely; Garret Camp, Goeff Smith, Justin LaFrance, and Eric Boyd, when Garrett was in Calgary school during postgraduate course. Garrett describes in an interview with BBC that the moment he felt that the company had greatly progressed is when   they had the half a million mark signed by the users.

The liked and well-known software attracted Silicon Valley investor Brad O’Neil, Ram Shriramfrom Google, Mitch Kapor from the Mozilla foundation, First Round CapitaLand Ron Conway. The headquarter is in San Francisco where Garrett Camp and Geoff Smith lately leave. Service details

StumbleUpon uses a combination of human opinions with machine learning of personal predilection to make virtual communities of knowledgeable web users. When it comes to update of personal profile, friends and producers have rated StumbleUpon as the best with more web users’ .StumbleUpon pages in the social site are greatly accepted. However, stumbleupon users have the capability to stagger their personal interest like in history and games.

In the settings section of Stumbleupon you can further filter the types of webpages you may come across. There are interest’s filters, which allow you to include only content for all prior rated substance and post rated content. There one can also content filter in which you can choose to enable blunders with things like video, audio and images.

StumbleUpon Video


Late December 2006, StumbleUpon opened their Stumble Video site. The site allows users who do not possess a toolbar to “stumble” from side to side all the videos that toolbar clients have submitted and rank them using an Ajax platform. The site presently collects videos from College Humor, Google, and YouTube.

Back then, April 2007, StumbleUpon opened the StumbleThru service, enabling users of the toolbar to stumble within certain sites like YouTube, Wikipedia, Public Broadcasting Service, and The Onion.

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