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The Guardian is a British website owned by the Guardian Media Group. The Website was formally known as Guardian Unlimited. It entails almost all of the content of the newspapers namely The Guardian and The Observer.

The guardian holds an explicit record for being the second-most popular UK newspaper site after Mail Online in May 2011, with 2.8m new guests per day, and 51.3m per month.



 covers a wide area but focuses on essential news site, additionally they also entails a network of niche websites covering matters including media, education, environment, and technology. The guardian’s seven blogs were linked on March 14, 2006 by a new comment site, which is free and named after the well-known quote by The Guardian editor, C. P. Scott. Articles receive comments without pre-moderation, though posts on Comment are Free and are moderated after the function. can be accessed at no cost and deprived of registration, yet some services such as posting comments on articles necessitate users to register. Ownership is a sub-branch of the Guardian Media Group of radio stations, newspapers, and new media plus The Observer Sunday newspaper and The Guardian daily newspaper. The firms mentioned above are owned by a charitable foundation known as the Scott Trust, which objects to make sure that the newspaper’s editorial liberation in perpetuity, without interfering with its financial health. All these are to prevent it from becoming vulnerable to overthrow by for-profit media organizations, and the serious compromise of editorial liberation that this frequently brings. Awards

The guardian has been blessed with a variety of awards i.e.

British Press Awards, namely;

The Digital Innovation of the Year, which was for the period (2008, 2009)

The Digital Journalist of the Year taken by Sean Smith, 2008 and Dave Hill, 2009

Both the awards were created in the year 2008

Nevertheless, the year 2011 award of “The Political Journalist of the Year” was defended by The Guardian’s Andrew Sparrow .the award was of great significance since it was recognition of the influence of his general election live blog .It was indeed a prize for creation, innovation as well as reporting.

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